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Week 14 Waiver Wire QBs - Playoff Week 1 (1 Viewer)

Need waiver wire QB for week 14

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Can RGIII be trusted against KC or are we better off with waiver wire options?

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I added Flacco. He's got Minnesota at home week 14.

If RG3 struggles Sunday, I will think about starting Flacco if I felt he had a higher floor in week 14.

He's at Detroit the week after that as well for a decent matchup and finishes home versus New England.

I like Glennon, but his schedule is tough. Cutler is not on my wire. May try to add Fitzpatrick for week 16 versus Jaxonville, but would probably wait to see if I go through round 1 of the playoffs.

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Since Bobbyn2022 says Romo is garbage, I'll be looking for an alternative QB. If I get into the playoffs I'd have to face the Brees owner week 14 & I wouldn't be able to stomach another 220/1 game out of Romo.

Alex Smith vs Skins

McCown/Cutler vs Cowboys

Flacco vs Vikes

I have Kaep and McCown and will not play Kaep Week 14 vs the Seahawks.

Alex Smith if available is about to destroy the Redskins and has a sweet schedule after that. I have a good feeling about his next run of games.

I'm hoping to use him if Rodgers can't go because Cutler just can't be trusted coming off a leg injury and may need to get some time back. Not worth the risk in week 1 of the playoffs with equal or better options out there.

Rodgers I know may be coming back from injury too, but you cant compare him and Cutler.

IMO this is a very valid topic for this for this board.[/quote

As do I.

Maybe the poll turns some away and is not really necessary. Especially since it doesn't include guys like Flacco.

But, as an owner with RG3 who has locked up a playoff spot, I'm looking for backups if RG3 continues his suckitude after this weekend or guys with more consistent play in the fantasy playoffs.
I voted Cutler but in the event he isn't able to go, McCown will fill in just fine.

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