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Week 15 help!! (1 Viewer)


Need some advice on my QB 2 (We're a 2 QB league and I have Brees as my QB1)

Carr, Winston or Mullins

Or do I go to the WW and grab Foles?

As for Flex (non-PPR, so I generally use a RB as I have pretty good RB depth)

Cohen, Michael or J. Jackson

I usually use Michael, but I'm kinda iffy on him this week, so I put in Cohen, but now it looks like Gordon and Ekler will both be out tonight, should I drop Jackson in the spot? It's likely going to be a really tough match for me this week (I am the huge underdog in this playoff match-up, but if I pick right...? who knows!!)

Drop a link and I'll give you my thoughts on your thread as well!! :-)

Winston and Jackson but I would also drop Carr for Foles for next week when you have a lot of ugly match ups and even though Foles match up is tough it would be better than your other choices.


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