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Week 15 Injury Thread (1 Viewer)

Joe Bryant

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We talked about having one big Injury thread vs a new thread each week here and most folks said they'd rather have a new thread each week. So here we are!

I'll start one each Monday.

A couple of things to please keep in mind that would be really helpful if everyone can do.

1. Please use the players real name when you're posting. And please be specific as you can about the injury. If you don't know, say you don't know.

In other words, "A-Rob just got blown up!!!!!" sucks. "Allen Robinson in on the ground with what looks like a knee injury" is way better.

2. Please let us know the source and share a link if possible. If you're watching the game and saw the injury, please say that. If you read it on Twitter, please say that and give a link. If you got a Sleeper Alert, please say that and click through on Sleeper to the source that's usually a tweet and share that link.

3. Please let us know what happened after the injury. This is super important. Was he:

Carted off

Helped off with assistance

Walked off with a limp or something

4. Please update if they come back to the game or sidelines. Hopefully it's a "He's back in the game and looks ok". Or it may be "He's on the sideline without his helmet". That kind of thing.

You get the idea.
@Joe Bryant

Nitpick…its still week 14 so it would be great to not create the week 15 thread til after MNF at least. Maybe it’s just me and my OCD ;)
@Joe Bryant

Nitpick…its still week 14 so it would be great to not create the week 15 thread til after MNF at least. Maybe it’s just me and my OCD ;)
I'm grateful he does it anytime. I can tell the difference between the titles Week 14 and Week 15. I pick my complaints wisely.
davante Parker to the locker room..... (thought I saw him wobbly) and stevenson down for quite awhile on the turf....out of the game.
Some reports that Dameon Pierce may miss Chiefs game due to ankle injury occurring at end of Cowboys game.
New Orleans player runs into Atlanta coach Dean Pees who was rushed to a hospital.
Josh Kendall

Falcons statement says defensive coordinator Dean Pees "was stable, alert and responsive and has been transported to University Medical Center New Orleans for medical testing." ILB coach Frank Bush will serve as interim defensive play caller for today.
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Tannehill carted off after a visit to the blue tent, no shoe or sock on, not sure which side, but lower leg/ankle suspected.
Palmer came off the line during the 2 minute drill and immediately started hopping on one leg like he pulled something. He hopped over to the sideline and was replaced by Carter. No update yet.

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