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Week 3: Mike Willians or Michael Pittman (1pt PPR) (1 Viewer)

Week 3: Mike Williams or Michael Pittman (1pt PPR)

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Week 3: Mike Willians or Michael Pittman (1pt PPR)

Have 1 spots left on my team for this week and cannot dicide between these 2 guys, they look pretty close to each other…

Trending towards to bench Williams, but let me share some thoughts first

Pittman has been very reliable with 23 targets and 16 catches throught 2 games and it does not look like is gonna change, also Richardson will be OUT this week wich could leave more room for other playmakers with Ravens' roster being kind of banged up

Mike Williams has been solid so far and is 1 TD away from been a very good at fantasy, I feel like this week game’s score will be over 40 points combined

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