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Week 4 Lions & Cowboys (1 Viewer)


Kerryon Johnson runs for 32 yards on his first carry of the game. They ended up punting.

Could be a long game for Detroit if Dallas can hit long passes while the Lions have trouble getting positive yards on passes

what the #### is Patricia doing??? Let's keep giving the ball to Blount for 1 yard gains? these 2 knuckleheads have to be the 2 worst coaches in the league. Patricia making John Fox look like a quality coach

ETA: ok, whew

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Kerryon had 1 run for 32 yards. His next 4 runs have gone for 7 yards. Cowboys have been bottling up the run game since that first play. Hopefully they can start putting in some screens, but it's been great defense stopping them.

Kerryon touchdown. He looks so much better than their options. Good to see the coaching staff keep him well rested and not give him too many carries. Don't want to wear a talent like that out.


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