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Week 6 Flex Start Decision... Please let me know what you think? (1 Viewer)

Full PPR Week 6 Flex Start Spot?

  • Derrick Henry vs Baltimore

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  • Michael Pittman @ Jacksonville

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  • Nico Collins vs New Orleans

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  • Zay Flowers vs Tennessee

    Votes: 1 100.0%

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12 team full PPR league and I need help deciding about my flex starter.
It pains me to even think of benching Derrick Henry for a WR but that Spears guy is screwing everything up and he Derrick is playing Baltimore.

Choices are:
Derrick Henry vs Baltimore
Michael Pittman @ Jacksonville
Nico Collins vs New Orleans
Zay Flowers vs Tennessee

Thank you for your help and thoughts!
imop Flowers has the highest ceiling of that group.
I'm a higher ceiling guy when choosing between players.
So for me it's

2. Derrick

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