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Week 6 Questions For Bloom (1 Viewer)

Would you rather trade Shady McCoy now on the rumor of a possible trade or wait to see if a trade actually comes to fruition?

Follow up, what pass-catcher would you target for Shady?  

18-team, .5 PPR, All TDs 6 pts

My roster (starters in bold):

  • QB: Luck, Dak
  • RB: Mixon, Ingram, Yeldon, McCoy (flex)
  • WR: Hopkins, Watkins, Godwin, T. Taylor
  • TE: Brate, Seals-Jones
  • K: Butker
  • DEF: Indy
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As always, Thank You for doing this, it's always appreciated. 

Scenerio 1: 12-team, .5 PPR, Passing TD's = 4pts, 3yr Keeper league (QRRWWTFKD)

My roster (Starters in Bold):

  • QB: Watson, Winston
  • RB: Gurley, Kamara, Collins, Chubb, J. Allen, D. Foreman
  • WR: AJ Green, TY Hilton, J. Gordon, Coutee, Crabtree, Watkins, Callaway
  • TE: Engram
  • K: 
  • DST: MIN
Question 1: WDIS @ Flex & WR2 (pick 1x WR & 1x WR/RB):

  • J. Gordon
  • Coutee
  • Watkins
  • Crabtree
  • Callaway
  • J. Allen
Question 2: Need a Kicker this week, who do I drop from above roster?

Scenerio 2: 12-team, .5 PPR, Passing Redraft league (short bench) (QRRWWTFKD)

My roster:

  • QB: Rivers
  • RB: Barclay, Lynch, Carson, K. Johnson, Chubb
  • WR: Allen, Cooks, Watkins, J. Gordon
  • TE: Gronk, Njoku
  • K: Sturgis
  • DST: HOU
Question 1: Would you drop Chubb for R. Jones (now the starter in TB??)

As always, thanks for your help

you're higher on Sammy Watkins than most in your projections.  I need 2 at Flex in a std league out of Watkins, Corey Davis, and Alfred Morris (assuming Breida is out).  Thoughts?

G’morning mate!

PPR- am I crazy for even considering not doing this?

I have a potential offer to trade my Conner and Juju for AB? I could really use Conner, if he’s going to be startable after this week. BIG IF, I know. Nobody knows. Does Big Ben’s voice carry enough weight? Still possible they trade Le’Veon obviously, or that he gets hurt (just read your Buy Low Sell High column)

My squad:



Also, not feeling any #NarrativeStreet love for Fitzy’s potential last time ever playing in Minnesota?

Please and thank you and have a great day and good luck!

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1. Need to pick up a kicker. Drop Zuerlein, Amari Cooper, or Jameis Winston ( starter is Ryan)?

2. Would you drop Cooper for Trequan Smith?

3. Aaron Jones or Coutee in non-ppr?

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Ppr this week: calvin ridley or keke coutee

Trade question (ppr): I have gronk and travis kelce, if you were to trade gronk what type of players would you target?

My rbs are mixon and david Johnson, Carson, ekeler and forman

Wrs are juju, golladay, ridley and coutee.

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TIA Sig!

Gotta choose 3 WR out of the following 4:

Corey Davis

Josh Gordon

Keke Coutee

Ty Lockett

1/2 point PPR league!


Morning Sig,

Every week I have to choose between four I would say middling WR2s.  ARob, Watkins, Manny Sanders, Will Fuller.  What do you recommend for choosing 2-3 of these each week?  Or do I need to unload one of my RBs (Zeke, Mixon, Igram, Kerryon) to get a top flight WR option?  Half PPR

Siggy Smalls!

I am an environmentalist. I like to pee in the back yard to save water along the privacy fence so nobody sees me or walks on it. My wife shares my values but does not condone this practice. Who is right? You are the deciding vote (not really but I tell her you are great at giving advice). This is my life.  :(

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1pt ppr


pick 3

rb: Gurley, mixon, white, and Michel.

pick 2

wr: Hill, Cooks, and coutee 

pick 1 TE: burton, brate, or pickup Howard?

??Pick 1 Flex: from above

Appreciate all you do Sig. Your imagination has made fantasy football fun for me, for many years now. 

1) WR needy team. Would you trade Gronk for Njoku and Alshon Jeffrey? 

2) Also so pick two for week six: Corey Davis, Doug Baldwin, Quincy Enunwa

Hey Sig!

4 leagues

Standard RB; Cook or Peterson

Standard WR (pick 3); JBrown Davis Baldwin Cooper Fitzgerald

Standard TE; Njoku or Olsen

PPR Flex (pick 2); Hines BAllen Allison Graham  


PPR League.

Blew it last night and benched A. Jeffery. Meanwhile, my opponent had S. Barkley. Ugh.

Need upside at WR.

* J. Gordon vs KC -- Hogan back at practice on Friday. KC D horrible. Should get more snaps this week.


* C. Rogers @TN -- Hilton out. Ebron back at practice but may be limited. Getting peppered with targets.



Sig I may have to drop two of these guys, to roster a kicker and foreman coming off IR, please list the two you would drop in ppr by first name being the priority drop. Thanks!  

alex Collins.  Donta foreman.  Sutton.  Tre’quan. Mack. Ronald Jones. Clement 

PPR league. Need to pick a TE.

*  A. Hooper vs TB -- Great matchup in terms of points allowed. Hooper went nuts last week, but I'm wondering if that was a function of PIT's aggressive pass rush and Ryan dumping it off. Don't think Ryan will need to do that against TB secondary.


* C. Brate @ATL -- This actually isn't a great matchup, but Winston loves Brate.



PPR league. Need a WR.

* J. Gordon vs KC -- High ceiling, but possible low floor.

* D. Baldwin vs OAK -- Good matchup, but can he be trusted?

* C. Rogers @NYJ -- Getting peppered with targets.



Hi Bloom,

Need to drop one to pick up a defense (only have one QB, TE, PK):-

Conner, Morris, Peterson, Collins, Fournette, Chubb

Evans, Boyd, J Brown, Baldwin, Jones Jr, Coutee



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Question on pickup vs. drop as I look towards future weeks.

Here is my team:

* QB: A. Dalton, J. Winston

* RB: T. Gurley, J. Howard, J. Conner, A. Collins, A. Jones

* WR: A. Jeffery, J. Gordon, J. Brown, K. Cole, A. Calloway

Note: I can start 3 RBs.

J. Conner is heading off into the bye week and then L. Bell is potentially coming back. Will hurt my RB depth and J. Howard and A. Collins have been shaky. Hoping A. Jones emerges but McCarthy isn't cooperating.

Understanding my depth at RB and WR, would you drop either of K. Cole or A. Callaway for either N. Chubb, M. Mack or R. Jones? I'm looking to stash lottery ticket RBs potentially...especially since I'm feeling more confident about A. Jeffery and J. Gordon (vs two weeks ago).



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PPR league. I need an RB in my flex and I need upside after S. Barkley just torched me.

* J. Howard @MIA -- Miami's run D is lousy, but is this a "Cohen game" or a "Howard game?" Not sure I can trust Nagy.


* A. Jones vs SF --  Great matchup, but McCarthy refuses to give him touches. If Rodger's WRs are out or limited, it could open the door for more touches. Should see a positive game script.



Hey Sig, am I crazy for wanting to move Zeke and Kerryon?

My Thoughts:

- Cowboys offense scares me, as does the upcoming schedule of Jags, Titans, Eagles and a bye in 4 of his next five weeks. 

- KJ, the talent is there but with the hype surrounding him and lack of rational coaching, I would prefer to have a dependable RB2 type such as Hyde. 

10 Team - Standard - Start 2RB - 2WR - 2 Flex

My roster (starters in bold):

QB: Winston, Big Ben

RB: Zeke, Kerryon, Yeldon, Derrick Henry, Chubb

WR: AJ Green, JuJu, Sterling S, KeKe, Godwin, Nelson A, Tre'Quan Smith

TE: Gronk

K: Santos

DEF: Bears (thank you!)

Thinking of moving Zeke for a lower end RB1, and then upgrading from KJ to a high end RB2 or RB2 type. 

Also, would you consider selling JuJu after this week? Have an offer of Golladay and either Lynch or Chris Carson. 

Thanks again!

Simple one:   Alfred Morris or Aaron Jones

nrvermind:  freeman is out so rolling with Coleman 

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Hey Sig,

4 leagues

0.5 PPR Flex (pick 1): Chris Godwin, Chester Rogers, Keke Coutee or Royce Freeman

0.5 PPR Flex (pick 1): Chris Thompson, Alex Collins, Chester Rogers or Mike Davis

0.5 PPR Flex (pick 1): John Brown, Doug Baldwin, Chris Godwin or Kenyan Drake

PPR 1 WR & 1 Flex (pick 2): Nyheim Hines, Tarik Cohen, Keke Coutee, Sammy Watkins and Tyler Lockett

Thanks! GL this weekend.

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Hey Sig,

Im 2-3 in a deep 12 man .5 ppr league.

Who do you think is the best last spot on bench guy. I'm hoping for that lottery ticket - league winner. Ware, JReynolds, Malcolm Brown, Rashaad Penny, Burkhead, or Ito Smith. 

FYI, I already have Ronald Jones, Tre'Quan Smith, DForeman, and Chubb. I'm really shooting for that league winner. lol

Also, should Russell Wilson be the drop for said "end of bench guy" if no one else wants to trade for him and I just picked up Winston?

Q1: L murray or d cook? Waivers barren at rb unless Bibbs is viable assuming Thompson out

Q2:  12 team, redraft 0.5ppr, start qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, flex

watson, winston

kamara, ingram, d cook, L miller, L murray

AB, evans, m thomas, funchess, marvin jones jr


I just acquired michael thomas despite already having 2 saint running backs because the deal was too good to pass up. so my weekly lineup will have 3 saints players... do you seeing this as a concern? should i be selling thomas or ingram even if i only get $0.80-0.90 on the dollar?  for reference these three only scored 34 fantasy points combined last monday  night despite the saints scoring 43 points.... so should i trade one of them or just start all 3 each week and cringe when taysom hill scores TD's? TIA

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Last two WR spots - 12 team PPR. Neither would be needed in lineup currently.

choose from Godwin, Tre’quan, MVS, Christian Kirk, Cam Meredith.

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Hi Sig, 

I was Saquon-ed on Thursday night and am now behind the 8-ball this week. Starting OBJ didn't help my cause much either.

Anyway, obviously looking for high upside players now with the rest of my lineup. I have Mahomes at QB so I'm in good shape there I hope.

With Ingram on a bye, my RB choices are Jordan Howard, TJ Yeldon, and Marshawn Lynch. Need 2 of those 3 to try to hit a home run.

We treat TE's as just another receiver. With OBJ already burned, my choices at Rec are Keenan Allen, Travis Kelce, and Gronk. Need 2 of those as well.

Your help is appreciated.

Thanks Sig,

                    FPC scoring:

                                        Need 1 of the following:                           

                                                                                 K.Cole @ Dall

                                                                                 D.Funchess @ Wash

                                                                                 J.Crowder vs Car

                                      And 1 of the following:

                                                                                R.Anderson vs Ind

                                                                                D.Funchess @ Wash

                                                                                 C.Brate @ Atl

                                      And 1 of the following:

                                                                                 K.Juszczyk @ GB

                                                                                 C.Brate @ Atl

                                                                                 L.Miller vs Buff

                                     And 2 of the following:

                                                                                 N.Vannett vs Oak

                                                                                 J.Crowder vs Car

                                                                                 W.Snead @ Tenn

                                                                                 J.Richard vs Sea

Hey Sig. Two questions:

1)  in a standard league, I need either Brandin Cooks or Corey Davis this week.  

2) in my dynasty league (19 man roster) I have AB, Cooks, Corey Davis, Sanders, and Trequan Smith at WR. At RB, I have Kamara, Connor, Aaron Jones, Henry, and Malcolm Brown . My question is, do I grab James Washington to backup AB and see what happens next year, or grab Spencer Ware, since he’s somehow available on waivers? 

As always, thx for the help! 

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Mr. Bloom,

What is your best guess, on how the ROS plays out for Devonta Freeman?  Reason I ask is, I have both Freeman and Coleman, and have been getting offers for Coleman.  Obviously, if this is more than a one or two week thing, I'll hold Coleman.  Just curious what your thoughts are.  Or, what you would advise, going forward.

Also, I currently have Kittle in my lineup at TE, with Brate on my bench.  But, being it's MNF, it get's a bit tricky.  Any insight on Kittle's playing status?

Thanks again for all your help.  Is greatly appreciated.

I’ve been playing fantasy football for over 15 years and I didn’t start winning consistently until I started following your work. Your insight from so many different perspectives is outstanding. Please keep up the wonderful work you offer to each and every one of us. 

I dropped Lutz and picked up Winston to block my opponent from using him this week with the intentions of dropping him right before kickoff to pickup a Kicker. I have Brady, do I drop Winston, R.Jones (I’m weak at RB) or Fitzgerald (im strong at WR)? 

Also need upside plays, who would you start in PPR:

RB- Morris, Bibbs or Ito

Flex- Davis or J.Gordon

Thanks Sig

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WDIS: 2 RB (0.5ppr) / 3 WR (0.5ppr) / 1 TE (1.0 ppr) / 2 Flex RB/WR/TE

Already started Smallwood & OBJ (both disappointment)...need to rescue my week  (lost Ajayi & Kamara on bye) 

RB: McCoy @ Hou   OR  R Freeman vs LAR   OR   R Jones @ ATL  OR K Juszczyk @ GB 

WR: Jo Brown @ Tenn   OR   K Cole @ Dal   OR  B Cooks @ Den   OR    W Fuller vs Buf   OR   E Sanders vs LAR

TE: A Hooper vs TB   OR  V McDonald @ Cin

 Current Lineup: McCoy, B Cooks, Fuller, Sanders, Hooper & McDonald

The TE full 1.0 PPR & bonus at 50 rec yrd makes them valuable.

I don't trust McCoy vs Hou top tier Run Def. 

I am just looking for a sanity check. 

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#1. Flex (choose 1): Edelman, Sanders, Ridley, Shady

#2. RB's on my roster: Elliott, CMC, Shady, and Alf Morris. Drop Alf Morris for Rod Smith?

#3. Evan Engram: any faith in him when he returns? Sure, in theory he should help the Giants offense but Engram being out isn't why Eli is inept.

#4. Which 2 of these receivers would you roster if all we’re available? Kirk, Sutton, Tre Smith, Callaway 


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here we go.. ppr and td league

1 point per reception 

tds 10

1 point for every 10 yards

pick 1

start adrian peterson vs carolina 

drake vs miami

pick 1


Coutee or Lockett

pick 1


left over of who was sat between locket and coutee , left over of who was sat peterson who may not play and drake

or Nojoku

pick 1


Ebron or Nojoku



Hi sig,

Loaded at WR but missing the right play each week.  OBJ and Keenan frustrating.   Need to find a way to get Babytron in line up each and every week?

Would you seek trade...and if so...How would you value those 6 WRs moving forward....which guys you look to trade and what kind of package would you look for in return?




obj golladay Cooks Keenan TY trequan

DJ AP Aaron Jones Derrick Henry Tarik Cohen


Hey Sig,

Where would you rank OJ Howard ROS? He was on a roll before he got hurt, and the TE position in season long fantasy is a blood bath. Thanks

Hey Sig. Thanks for this. 

I need to drop two of these RBs in standard, taking a ROS perspective. Breida, Morris, Clement, Ronald Jones. These are my bye/bench backs (starters are Gordon, McCaffery and DJ).

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Howdy Sig,

Need to bench one (ppr): Zeke, Michel, Diggs, or Kupp.  Zeke (vs Jax) and Diggs (Ariz., Patrick Peterson?) could have tough matchups.  Michel has Q tag but nice matchup I think vs Chiefs.  Expecting Kupp will be cleared from concussion.  Thanks!

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Thanks again Sig.

0.5ppr, +5pts 100yds receiving

Flex - Calloway or Mike Williams or Keke Coutee

TE - Brate or Rudolph.   Leaning Brate

6pt TD, -3 Int, +5pts for 300yds

QB -  Winston, Luck, Carr, Mayfield - pick 2.  Leaning Winston & Luck but like Mayfield this week.

I’m 2-3 but for most part, my team is stronger than record indicates. For RB, I have McCaffery, Thompson, Breida, Drake, Collins, R.Jones & D.Foreman. I have 2 RB positions and I almost always play a WR in Flex. Fournette owner is in bad shape and need running backs. Do I trade Collins & Breida for Fournette? 

Thanks Sig?

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Hey Bloom, thanks in advance for the help.

12 team leagues, 1 PPR, standard scoring

Pick 2 WR'S:  Boyd VS Pitt,  Coutee VS Buff,  MVS VS SF,  Stills VS Chi

Pick 1 Flex:  MVS VS SF  or Ekeler @ Cle

Pick 2 WR'S: Boyd VS Pitt,  Baldwin @ Oak,  Watkins @ NE, T. Gabriel @ Mia,  or Stills VS Chi

Pick 1 Flex:  Lynch VS Sea,  Hyde VS LAC,  Watkins @ NE

Pick 1 QB:  Luck @ NYJ or  Winston @ Atl

Is Gio Bernard droppable?  

Thanks Bloom!


0.5 PPR Start 2 RB 2 WR with a flex spot

Currently have:

RB: Zeke, Ingram, Yeldon, DHenry

WR: Juju, Hilton, Edelman, J Gordon, Coutee, Trequan Smith

Would you trade Edelman for J Howard / C Carson / J Conner? If yes, which would you prefer? All 3 RBs have keeper value...

Good Day Sir,

1 ppr

Flacco or Mayfield (Brees on bye)

Corey Davis or Desean Jackson ( targets vs over/under) 

Thanks, Ff10 :unsure:


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