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Week 6 Weather (1 Viewer)


Flash flood warning in the NYC area today/tonight. That hurricane is drifting north.

Futurecast radar has a lot of reds and yellows right around gametime.

Will be watching pre game to see if the ESPN crew is getting absolutely drenched.



Some of you guys just don’t get it. You ALWAYS start your studs. Are you really considering benching OBJ because of weather? C’Mon man!!
I wouldn't bench OBJ. I am considering benching A. Jeffery (who I don't consider a stud).

All that said, there are very few studs. Maybe one. Gurley. Maybe the only player in fantasy that is matchup proof.

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Yeah obj and the running backs and I guess Ertz I wouldn't bench regardless of weather. Everyone else is a bench imo.



I don't think the weather changes anything. Starting Beckham and Agholar. (although i may switch agholar out, but not because of weather)


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