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Week 8 Injury Thread (1 Viewer)

Sinn Fein

From Schefter:

Jaguars’ WR Dede Westbrook, listed as questionable for Sunday with shoulder and neck injuries, is expected to play vs Jets, per source.

Saints’ RB Alvin Kamara, listed as questionable for Sunday vs the Cardinals due to an ankle injury, will not play, per source. But Kamara is expected back after New Orleans’ bye week next week, when the team hosts Atlanta on Nov. 10, per sources

Cardinals RB David Johnson won’t play Sunday against the Saints due to his ankle injury, per source. Johnson is expected to miss Sunday vs. Saints and Thursday night’s game against the San Francisco 49ers, per source

Packers’ WR Davante Adams, listed as doubtful for Sunday night vs. the Chiefs due to turf toe, is not expected to play, per sources. But Adams is likely to return next week at the Los Angeles Chargers, per source

If you see something, say something.

Here are some notable players listed as questionable or doubtful heading into Sunday.

Sun 1:00 pm - Alvin Kamara [Q] - RB, NO
Sun 1:00 pm - Christian Kirk [Q] - WR, ARI
Sun 1:00 pm - David Johnson [Q] - RB, ARI
Sun 1:00 pm - Drew Brees [Q] - QB, NO
Sun 1:00 pm - Jack Doyle [Q] - TE, IND
Sun 1:00 pm - Justin Jackson [Q] - RB, LAC
Sun 1:00 pm - Keenan Allen [Q] - WR, LAC
Sun 1:00 pm - Parris Campbell [Q] - WR, IND

Sun 4:05 pm - Marquise Goodwin [Q] - WR, SF
Sun 4:05 pm - Raheem Mostert [Q] - RB, SF
Sun 4:25 pm - Josh Jacobs [Q] - RB, OAK
Sun 4:25 pm - Julian Edelman [Q] - WR, NE
Sun 4:25 pm - Rex Burkhead [Q] - RB, NE
Sun 4:25 pm - Tyrell Williams [Q] - WR, OAK

Sun 8:20 pm - Davante Adams [D] - WR, GB

MNF - Jaylen Samuels [Q] - RB, PIT

Fantasy Football Now reporting Keenan Allen is active today (nobody showing much confidence in him though).

Update: same show just reported Christian Kirk active as well.

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Ridley down. Laid down on the ground for a few minutes with not much movement after a hit. Possible concussion.

Walked off under own power.

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Jarvis Landry landed hard on a shoulder. Being helped off.

Deshaun Watson got kicked in the face. Probably ok.

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