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Westbrook's toe... (1 Viewer)


Something doesn't appear to be on the up-and-up in Eagles land.

First, watching the Eagles last game where Westy scored 4 TD's against the Cards, Westy pulled up lame on one of his second half carries. He limped of the field and called for the trainers. They proceeded to tape (or retape?) his toes. They showed a shot of Westbrook explaining to the trainers how he hurt the toe...by taking one hand and mashing the fingers of the other hand down. He went back into the game shortly thereafter. As a former LT owner and current Westbrook owner...I was thinking..."here we go again...".

So my theory is that perhaps Westbrook obtained some degree of toe injury during the Cards game.

Now Westbrook is saying that this is the best he's felt in a while. However, today (Thursday)...Westbrook takes a day off from practice. If this is the best he has felt...why is he skipping practice?

Something is up in Eagle land...perhaps Westbrook is hurt more than they are letting on. I love the guy, I think he is a warrior, but is this some kind of snow job to throw off the Giants?


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Reid gives Westbrook off from practice anytime they practice on their indoor turf field.. Been going on for a couple of years- apparently the hard surface does Westbrook's chronic knee problems no good.. That's all him missing practice was...


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