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What is your league payout structure like? (1 Viewer)


Since it's getting towards the end of the year I was wondering how everyones' league pays their winners.

My main league does something that's probably considered non-traditional as most of the money is given out based on the regular season.

$75 buy-in, 10 teams. 8 teams make playoffs.

1st place regular season: $225

2nd place regular season: $150

3rd place regular season: $75

Regular season total points: $100

Superbowl Winner: $200

I'm not the commish of this league, but I don't mind the pay outs because I think it rewards overall consistency and accounts for some of the luck factor by paying for overall total points. Obviously the playoffs are de-emphasized with this kind of pay structure, but I can't imagine there is anything more frustrating then dominating all year, then having one bad week and getting bounced out with no money. Also, with 8 teams making the playoffs, even the bad teams have a shot at some money if they can get hot at the end of the year.

How does your league do it?

My favorite league does something similar.

The regular season pays out 2/3 rds of the enrty money of $300 per team and it is split 1st -4th spots at 50%, 30%, 10% and 5%. Since the regular season has the majority of games and deals with the bye weeks, it is the best determination of the best teams. We use the Cbs Sportsline Power ranking which uses an "All Play record for all teams" "Total point scored record" and "Head to Head season standings" all weighted to 1/3 rd each, to determine our final regular season seeding and Champion. It seems to really give you the best picture of the best teams. So we award the most money to the teams that earned it all season. We then allow 8 out of the 10 teams into the playoffs and the last 1/3 rd of entry fees goes to the Super bowl teams in a 70% to 30% split. Nice payouts if you win regular season and Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl has a lot more luck involved in winning than having the best record in the regular season. We had a team win several years ago that lost it's first 8 games of the regular season and snuck into the playoffs the last week. Every team they played in the playoffs and Super Bowl had one of their worst weeks of the season and that team won it all. They were the overall worst scoring team in the league, but everything broke just right for them that year.

We also have a $5 add/drop and trade fees which goes to various things split evenly like Most points scored, Most points scored against, Highest weekly team score, High individual weekly score, etc. We generally have around $700- $900 in FA money to distribute so it keeps everyone trying to put their best teams out there. As winning one of the catagories will help offset your buy in expense.

10 team league, with only a $25 buy-in, so there's not a lot to pay out. We pay $150 to the super bowl winner, $75 to the super bowl loser, and the toilet bowl winner gets their money back.

12 team league. $160 entry. $50 to high points winner each week. Pot gets to anywhere from 5-7K, as all free agents are via bidding wars. Got out of hand (one well heeled owner went up to $500 for Roy freakin Williams a few years ago), so we have a $600 FA spending cap. After that, dollar for dollar luxury tax.

50% to SB winner

25% to runner up

15% 3rd place

10% 4th place

$75 for the 3 division winners

125 for regular season points winner

50 for single game high

10% for 3rd and 4th of the remaining pot

30% for 2nd

50% for 1st

so this year we had 1327 in the prize pool

400 for the division and points prizes deducted

the remaining 927 split out in percentages

12 team league, 6 teams make the playoffs

$200 buy-in x 12 teams = $2,400 less CBS fee $130 = $2,270 payout pool

Weekly high points scorer (regular season) = $50 x 13 weeks = $650

1st round playoff losers = $75 x 2 = $150

Semi-Final Losers = $200 x 2 = $400

Semi-Final Winners = $350 x 2 = $700

Championship = $370 x 1 = $370


Champion - $720 (31.7% of prize pool)

Runner-Up - $350 (15.4%)

3rd/4th place - $200 each (17.6%)

5th/6th place - $75 each (6.7%)

Weekly Wins - $50 each week (28.6%)

12-team league

1st: 2/3 of pot

2nd: 1/3 of pot

3rd: free league (nothing to pay regardless of # of transactions)

4th: free league (nothing to pay regardless of # of transactions)

5th-12th: league fee + transaction fees

So, basically the bottom 8 pay the top 2.

Definitely a small change league:

12 teams, $50 buy-in

$75 - Regular Season High points champ

$25 - Regular Season most points scored against

$50 - Toilet Bowl Champ (next 4 teams not in championship bracket)

$50 - 3rd place in Championship bracket (top 4 teams: 3 division winners + next high point scorer)

$125 - 2nd place in Championship bracket

$275 - Super Bowl Champion

12 team, $300 buy in. $100 towards league fees, $500 for most total points in reg. season and $3000 for the super bowl winner.

$200 Entry Fee + $10 Per Regular Season Loss

After League Site Fee Pay out is (12 teamer)

$60 Per Weekly High Points (This is taken from 6 losses that week @$10 each)

$200 for Regular Season High Points

$200 for 2nd Round Losers (2 of them)

$500 for Super Bowl Runner Up

$1200 for Super Bowl Winner

Toilet Bowl has it's own $20 entry fee with Winner Take All.

I like this because it rewards 1) the Total Point Winner 2) Anyone who has a great week 3) The top 2 teams that get a bye (guaranteed at worst a 2nd round loss) and is still top heavy for the winner.


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