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What's the word on McGahee? RBBC or will he be ok? (1 Viewer)


The bye week should help, but is he going to be the workhorse week 3?

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There was a piece in the Baltimore Sun that late last week that suggested that McGahee would be part of a three-headed monster at RB when he came back.

Not sure how it will all pan out but:

Rookie QB +late camp O-line signing (Willie Anderson) + late camp FB signing (Lorenzo Neal)= Ravens would like to run the ball a lot.

He would have played this weekend, so he should be ready to go with an extra week off.

Maybe nobody else cares about poor old Willis anymore..... :unsure:

ETA: The other thread about this literally got bumped SIMULTANEOUSLY with this one. My bad. I did a search and everything! Really.

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