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What's your bold prediction for 2004 (1 Viewer)

M. Vick is the most over rated QB in the NFL and will be lucky to have 8 or 9 games in 2004 IF he does not stop trying to run up field.

D. Foster takes over for Davis in week 2 and never looks back as he leads the league in Rushing.

I'll make three...maybe one will have a longshot of being true. :football: 1. Brian Westbrook makes the pro bowl as an RB. 2. Lee Suggs is in the top 10 in rushing yards and rushing TDs.3. Titans win the Super Bowl.

Koren Robinson rebounds from poor 2003 effort to finish top ten in receiving, perhaps even top five. :thumbup: Lee Suggs will finish with 1200 yards rushing for the Browns.

A-Train is a top 10 RB, and takes DALLAS to the Superbowl.Quentin Griffin is the featured guy in Denver and also finds his way into the top 10.

I won't care that I'm stuck with sloppy seconds

Hell, I don't even care what number I am, just so long as it's next :D As for a BOLD prediction, the Bears sweep the Packers and the Vikings

I'll Take Breaking an 0-4 streak for $2000 AlexThe answer is This team won their first super bowl after 4 previous losses in 2005.Who are the Minnesota VikingsMoss wins the MVPKevin Williams wins the D MVPOsama joins Hitler in hell but reports that it has gotten very cold

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Devry Henderson leads rookie receivers.Peerles Price disappoints again. Daniel Snyder sleeps with Anna Kornikova before any of you do. :excited:

Top 4 RB's in order:

1. Priest Holmes

2. Fred Taylor

3. Ahman Green

4. LT

...and look for a strong 2nd half of the season from Tony Hollings.

Just like the FSU WR duo of Warrick(talent/hype) and Coles(steal of the draft), Keary Colbert will be a better pro WR than Mike Williams.

1. McNabb will be the #1 QB, with over 3800 yards passing and close to 30 TDs. Also 600 rushing and 6TDs. 2. Charles Rogers and Eric Moulds will be top 10 WRs, with over 1200 yards and 10 Tds.3. Portis will not be a top 8 RB.4. The Philadelphia Eagles will get to a 4th straight NFL championship game, and win it...along with the Superbowl.

If Anna were in my bed, there wouldn't be much *sleeping* going on. :yes: , but I might have to pass on Danny Snyder's 2nds.As for the bold predictions for next season:HOU's offense emerges and provides the next version of "the triplets" with Carr (top 15 passing), Johnson (top 10 wr) and Davis (edge light - 1700 combined with 14 tds).PIT implodes with Maddox continuing to fade, Staley having no room to run or real talent to fall back on, and Plax still alligator arming everything thrown his way. Start the Hines Ward suicide watch (maybe just a hopeful Browns fan's opinion here).Kevin Barlow is a top 5 rb. Mabye not too bold considering there aren't any other offensive options in SF anymore, but the O line is good and the D is decent. I can see them trying the BAL approach this year to protect the new qb.

Tony Hollings: Houston's top rusherDarrell Jackson: league leader in receiving yards (3rd straight year that I've said this)Eagles v. Titans in the Super Bowl (4th straight year)

McCown - Top 10McNabb - BustRudi - Top 10D Davis - BustMcGahee - Big BustKelly Washington gets Warrick Benched

1. Daniel Graham top 3 TE2. Kurt Warner traded to the Bears or some other team.3. Bulger top 3 rated QB.4. Michael Bennet leads NFC in rushing yards (not TDs)

bledsoe finishes top 7.magahee finishes top 7.moulds top 7.bills get to the super bowl but lose to the cowboys.ryan leaf wins employee of the year at hyvee food stores.

David Carr will be a top 12 QB.Anquan Boldin will tank, big time.Freddie Mitchell will be a worthy #2 WRSteve McNair will NOT be on the injury list all season. (yea right)The Jags Defense will be top 5.Andre' Davis will be a worthy #2 WR

I'll make three...maybe one will have a longshot of being true. :football:

1. Brian Westbrook makes the pro bowl as an RB.

2. Lee Suggs is in the top 10 in rushing yards and rushing TDs.

3. Titans win the Super Bowl.
The first two I like as a Suggs and Westbrook owner. My prediction is this: Kevan Barlow doesn't finish in the top 15 at RB. Now that all the carries are his with the loss of Hearst one would think he would rock, but the loss of Garcia, Owens, Streets, and an O-Lineman and I see that Offense going into the tank....

Clinton Portis scores 20 TD's.

NFC East final records

9 - 7

8 - 8

8 - 8

7 - 9

(you sort out the teams)

Chris Chandler is the Ram's starting QB by Game 9.

Chargers sign Bea Arthur to their WR "mix".

Vikings lose in the Super Bowl.Top 5 RBs fantasy-wise:1. Edgerrin James2. Ahman Green3. Priest Holmes4. Fred Taylor5. Ladanian TomlinsonTerrell Owens is not in the top 15 of WRs.

1) Brett Favre is out of football by the end of the 2004 regular season after sustaining a broken leg in a home game. The Pack finishes below .500 on the season.

2) Terrell Owens finishes the season with more TDs than any other NFL WR.

3) Super Bowl MVP: Jake Delhomme.

Top 5 RBs fantasy-wise:1. Edgerrin James
I will have plenty of predictions later on this offseason, but this one I would put up all of Bill Gates' money on to win back a single dollar that this will not happen.

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