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When the fans in stands take matters into their own hands and Storm the Field? "Roughing the Passer!" (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

It's only a matter of time and last night was close. You have fans in Kansas City that reportedly started tailgating at sunrise. The look on some of the fan faces as they were cutting to commercial and you have all that beer and alcohol flowing which makes certain people act in a way they might not normally act like..

There's a lot of money at stake, don't feel sorry for people dumb enough to bet on rigged(conjecture) football games but you will start seeing people act in a way that's abnormal because abnormal things are happening in the course of the football game and it's starting to wear on people/fans of the game.

Troy Aikman said "That the dresses off" in the booth last night, that's not good. These calls on the field, regardless of whether you agree with them or not, MOST DO NOT and think the soul of the game is being ripped out while others would just prefer the QBs wear red flags to be yanked off or called for a sack if they are close to being wrapped up.

I do feel any game could potentially end this way if you have the right circumstances and the intense media outcry which we have seen of late fueling the anger in the stands that will eventually spill out on to the field.
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Malice at the Palace and it could happen in the NFL soon if they don't get this ridiculousness reset quickly.
Plays like Brady and Carr over the weekend cast a spotlight on these plays and Goodell needs to step in and get it fixed

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