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Which 3 rookies would you prefer in a full PPR rookie dynasty draft? (1 Viewer)


I have the 2nd pick in my upcoming rookie 3 round draft. My best RB's are Aaron Jones, Miles Sanders, CEH, and Michael Carter. My best WR's are Stefon Diggs, Mike Wiiliams, Brandon Cooks, Christian Kirk, Robert Woods and Kenny Golladay. 

RB first strategy would fall like this. 1-02 Ken Walker. 2-02 John Metchie. 3-02 Khalil Shakir.

WR first strategy would fall like this 1-02 Drake London. 2-02 Rachaad White (unless James Cook falls to this pick). 3-02 Khalil Shakir.

I feel like those are probable outcomes. I like Metchie and Shakir as they would be back ups for my older WR's Diggs and Cooks. In my league you only have to start one RB so I tend to favor WR's for their longevity.



Nobody cares but I ended up taking Ken Walker at 1-02, trading up to 1-12 to grab George Pickens, taking Wandale Robinson at 3-02, then I traded my next years 3rd for 3-07 and took Romeo Doubs. Pretty happy right now as this draft happened before all the training camp hype started happening. I only had room for 3 players so I traded away Melvin Gordon for a 2nd round pick in next years rookie draft.

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