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Which DB to pick up? (1 Viewer)


I picked up McQuarters thinking he was going to return kicks. But it looks as if Drummond is back to do that.Who do I drop Mcquarters and Dwight Smith for? I can't take a chance of Smith not playing again, and it sounds less likely he will be healthy.C.C. BrownC. CrockerM. RomanC. WebsterT. NewmanJ. Lynch'B. ScottR. TateM. AdamsR. GriffithY. Bell1.5 tack.75 assist5 int4 sack3 ff2 fr1 pass defend1 pt per 10 yards kick return

I like CC Brown and Roman. I'm a little puzzled, however, that Brown did not play last week, but I'm assuming it is because of his sore ankle. He is not listed on the IR report at all this week. Brown should continue to put up good, if not great numbers assuming he plays. Roman will be consistent, but probably won't put up spectacular numbers. But I'm sure no free agents, at this point, are true gamers.


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