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Which two WRs? (1 Viewer)


Which 2 would you choose for the 2023 season (1 point PPR)?

Keenan Allen

D.J. Moore

Chris Goodwin

Christian Kirk

Mike Evans

Brandon Aiyuk

Marquise Brown

Mike Williams

Gabe Davis
All things being equal and we aren't taking into consideration draft cost and it's just the names......in a PPR I am taking Allen and Godwin
As Gally said with all things being equal, I am taking Allen and Aiyuk. I'm buying into the hype, I think Aiyuk has a huge season this year.
Allen and Aiyuk or Godwin. Think the bucs play from behind a lot this year and need to throw to catch up.

Full disclosure I own Allen as my wr2 and aiyuk as my flex/wr3. Hoping for a breakout with him and a healthy Allen.
K Allen & Godwin, with DJ a close 3rd. Has played well with so so QB at CAR & think he excels with Fields this year.
Allen and Moore... not super close.. I like Williams but then you are banking on not one, but two injury prone SD WR's... spread your risk a bit

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