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Which WC Matchup are you most looking forward to? (1 Viewer)

Which WC Matchup are you most looking forward to?

  • Wash @ TB

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  • Jax @ NE

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  • Car @ NYG

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  • Pitt @ Cincy

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I care a lot more about the AFC than the NFC, so Jax/NE will be #2 on my list of 4, but that will likely be by far the least interesting game of the weekend. From my "Colts fan" point of view:1. Pitt/Cincy2. Jax/NE3. Car/NYG4. Wash/TBFrom a purely "I want to see a good game" point of view:1. Pitt/Cincy2. Wash/TB (I can't see this as not a close game - pardon the double-negative)3. Car/NYG (This could be a classic or a blowout - that is what you get with 2 inconsistent teams).4. Jax/NE

If Pitt wins, they go to Indy, right?As a Pats fans, I would rather they go to Indy next week...never good to go to Denver.


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