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Who is the MVP of your team? (1 Viewer)

3 leagues, playoffs in all 3.

league 1: Warner (13th round pick in 14 team league)

league 2: Warner (14th round pick in 10 team keep 3)

league 3: Boldin/DeAngelo co-mvp's (Traded for Boldin when hurt love him since. DWill 8th round pick 10 team league)

I :heart: the Cards this year! :coffee:

i would say warner but i have a capable backup in cutler. NYG DST in a sack heavy scoring league. in the other thomas jones.

Thomas Jones - went bonkerz just as Reggie Bush was put on the shelf. TJ has also made up for some so-so Gore weeks.

But I guess if you have a Top 5 RB he's pretty obviously your MVP.

He may not be the most important player on my team nor the highest scoring, but Matt Jones saved 3 of my teams this year that got hammered with injuries.

Here's to you, Matt: :hot:

Its been a tale of two seasons for me. Early I was carried by Romo and Bush. When they went down, Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson stepped up. The biggest factor for me thought has been the overall consistency of my IDPs. I have just been fortunate that in only one week did my entire team decide to lay an egg at the same time - i have had the good fortune of always seeming to have a different guy step it up when other guys underperformed. hopefully this carries through the next three weeks and i will have an improbable title.

In both leagues that I'm in it's a close call between A. Rodgers and M. Forte. It's Rodgers in a close call. Getting a top 5 QB in the 9th round makes a team.

Taking a QB that late allows for additional depth at other positions.

Production vs draft position its between Chris Johnson(11.12), Michael Turner (5.06) and Roddy White (6.05).

Peyton Hillis may end up being mine on two teams.

Lost Graham on both teams that were weak at RB, Hillis has filled in and may be the key for me to stay near the top in both leagues.

Had 4 big money leagues....playoffs in 3.

team 1- Matt Forte...complete stud

team 2- Thomas Jones

Team 3- Tony Romo was my starter with Orton hurt....remember those few weeks they were both hurt? Well I picked up Thigpen in time for him to go nutz.

Forte in 2 (redraft & dynasty)

Kicking myself for not getting him in all my others.

Cutler & Boldin in 1 (redraft)

A. Bryant bailed me out at WR in another (dynasty)

And Brees has carried my 16 team dynasty league team

Forte, with Warner a close second. I had high hopes for Warner, but crossed my fingers that Forte would be an adequate RB2. PPR = Stud

I wouldn't be where I'm at without Deangelo Williams. He took over as a #1 when Westbrook had his issues and Brees has also carried mu team.

Too many to count... Warner, Boldin, Turner, ADP, Portis, Fitz, Jennings make a good start. (Dynasty league, FWIW)

For one of my teams, the main guys all performed well (AJ, Boldin, Jacobs, etc), but the MVP of that team is Kevin Boss, who I got off the WW mid season. He replaced V Davis in my lineup, and I won 5 straight to get the #1 seed. Some of the games were close, and Boss performed like a TE1 most weeks during that time.

If I started Davis, I probably go 3-2 in that time instead of 5-0, and would likely be looking at the #6 seed.

Gotta be Cutler and Portis.

Without Portis, and his first half, I'd be looking towards the baseball season.

Burress. Maybe now that he has taken himself out for the season I can get some production from my WR2 spot.

I just barely made the playoffs so my MVP is different.

KBrown kicked that extra point to get me into the playoffs at 5-8.

ADP? Probably.

Actually I would say Gonzo drove my team.

Gonzo takes it for my team.

I could list guys like Boldin, Andre Johnson or Peterson but Derrick Ward came to mind as a guys I could plug in to RB2 on any given week due to injuries, byes or what have you and see a solid and steady 15-20 points I can count on every time.

A great find off the waiver wire that saved my ### in a 16 team start 2 RB league. :yes:

It has to be Rodgers for me. I got him in the ninth round and he has been solid all year. I traded Ocho Cinco and Brandon Jacobs before week one this year and got T.O. and Chris Johnson, not knowing how huge Johnson would be. That worked out well, T.O. has been huge during the playoff push for me.

I took Forte and Warner in all three leagues I am in.

I was not expecting too much out of Forte..I drafted him as my third RB. Warner I took late just hoping he would start all year.

I picked up Hillis in two leagues after Graham went down and he has helped.

He may not be the most important player on my team nor the highest scoring, but Matt Jones saved 3 of my teams this year that got hammered with injuries. Here's to you, Matt: :thumbup:
Probably not the last time I'll see "Matt Jones" and "hammered" in the same sentence. :thumbup:
In a funny way it is Jamal Lewis. He's been the only constant in my running back stable. Sjax, Bush, Carnell, and Larry have all been out of the lineup so much that I've had to plug Lewis in there. I made the playoffs though. maybe that has to do with Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston too a bit though :thumbup:

For me, Deangelo - picked him up in 10th round, had him on the bench until about 5 weeks ago. He's been key to my playoff run.

Shouldn't the formula be the player who you drafted that has the largest difference in pre-season projections versus YTD? Something like that?

Still too early for me to pick my true MVP, but Anquan Boldin is leading the pack at the moment. Boldin leads the NFL in wide reciever TD receptions and will likely score a few more. He is currently the second highest scoring fantasy WR in my league behind Calvin Johnson.

Chris Johnson and Peyton Manning are in the mix as well, but Boldin is the current front-runner. My final decision will be made after the fantasy playoffs are over.

Another one for DeAngelo Williams here. Four weeks ago I was in a dog fight for my division with a gimped Willie Parker and an injured Reggie Bush at the RB position, to go along with MJD. DeAngelo has carried me the past four weeks to four straight wins, being my high scoring player three of those weeks.

In one league where I squeaked into the playoffs, I would say that Welker was by far my most consistent and productive player. I never had to worry about him.

In another league where I am in first heading into the playoffs with a bye, Brees has been dominant for me.

Drew Brees and Terrell Owens probably so far.

*flexes having drafted Drew Brees and Kurt Warner on the same team*

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5 leagues.

Top scorer in all 5 heading into this week.

Was the last or next to last to select a quarterback in each league.

Aaron Rodgers. He is on every team. He has been huge at times and consistent.

There are other players who are considered like Steve Smith, Roddy White, Kurt Warner, Steve Slaton, Michael Turner.
I agree. He was my backup QB on several and has been great.

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