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Who to take with last pick in a draft (1 Viewer)


I have last pick in round 18 (Last pick of the whole draft) in a draft I am currently doing.

It's a best ball re-draft league with 0.5 PPR (So basically I am looking for a pure upside bench body who could sneak out a few counting weeks in best ball)

My team is obviously already full being that I only have 1 pick left, so either a WR or RB, either is good!

the guys I am looking at are:

D. Sproles, Elijah McGuire, T. Pryor, Jordan Mathews and C. Sutton

(I am leaning either Sproles or Mathews - although Mathews is currently sitting 2nd on the remaining ADP guys left and there are about 10 picks before me, so he\ll probably be gone :( )

Who's got the most chance to have a huge week or 2 and actually count for my team????

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Why not give us a question on something that matters, really the last player to take in a draft...come on now. I love answering questions but this one isn't worth answering.



only question I had this day ... lol 

and I actually thought it was one worth thinking about. Thanks for your really thought out answer. Your the best!! :-)


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