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Who to Target in off season? (1 Viewer)


10 2QB Dynasty PPR TDs all worth 6pts

Won back to back titles.  Trying to figure out who to Target to get better.

Start 2QB 3WR 2RB 1TE Wr/Te,  Wr/Rb  WRT 1K 1DEF 2IDP

QB: RWlison, Watson Tua. T Lance, T Hill, 

WR: Justin Jefferson, AJBrown, Waddle, CGodwin, DJMoore. RMoore, Laviska. parrisCambell, 

RB jTaylor, Chubb, JkDobbin, AJDiilon, MCarter, RhStevens, TSermon, 

TE Kelce, Goedert, Kmet. Trautman,

K Succop, CHI Def, 

IDP M Parsons, Roquan Smith

Draft picks #2,#10, #13,#14,#16

Do I Target player like Joe Burrow, and pay a premium? Do I Target T Lawrence value low?  Do I over pay for guys I like such as J Chase, KPitts, any 2022 Targets? Should I trade down for 2023 picks? 

I'd like to get back into having Top 5 QB play. Watson sat out.  He's got upside, I'll hold on to Lance with hope for upside, Wilson in SEA or other team could be solid. I assume if traded they're not bringing him in to hand the ball off.  

Who is the WR in at Ohio State Njigba that had crazy game? 

What do I do with TE? 

I typically draft top talent. Regardless of need. I want elite players.  I try to trade talent before they get too old.  So there's meat on the bones.  26-28 unless TE or QB.  Not necessarily sure who's gonna be awesome or who to watch next year. Put some people on my radar

Thanks in advance. Happy to help share my formula for winning!!! Cheers 

Guys on my radar

QB I like Herbert, Burrows maybe Lawrence at Mahomes J Allen solid.  Not too many others I wanna Target though.

WR:  CLamb Chase, Devonta Smith AmonRa StB, RBateman, EMoore. Deebo, 

RB Najee, maybe Saquon at value, Penny did well, Javonte. 

TE Pitts, freiermuth, Hockenson 

Consider that I can over pay for a player without much impact.  

Is AJ Brown too physical? Will this hurt longevity?

Your team is stacked with no real weaknesses.  Here is what I see by position:

  • QB (in a 2 QB league) could use a refresh.  I would definitely look to pay for one of the younger stud QB's that you value.  I wouldn't have an issue with a slight overpay to get it done.  If you don't have a real opinion on one or two of them then I would shop for the best value and take advantage that way.  Regardless this is where my focus would be for improvement.  
  • RB:  You don't need to do anything here but you may have to part with something to improve at QB.  You are young and studly with nice upside depth.  I would look to keep this as a strength and would only part with a key piece here if you can get the QB you covet.
  • WR:  You have a great mix at WR and aren't in need here.  I would stay away from Top Ramen St Ramen.  I think he is overvalued and will settle into a WR2/3 once all the pieces are back.  He will be a better NFL player than FF player.  This is another position where you could use to upgrade at QB.  If you are truly worried about AJ Brown he is the perfect piece to move for a top QB.  You have the depth to absorb the loss but try and get back an upside WR with the QB in the deal.  Bateman or EMoore would be good thoughts there.  
  • TE:  I am not a believer in Kmet or Trautman so these guys are roster cloggers to me.  You are in a good spot with Kelce and Goedert so I wouldn't worry about this position.  I would use Kmet/Trautman as throw in pieces if it's the right match in a QB deal.  Something that sweetens the deal to get done.  I definitely wouldn't pay for a TE of the caliber you listed.  I would look for depth pieces in case of injury and nothing more.  I probably only roster Kelce, Goedert, and one other.  
  • IDP:  Seems irrelevant with only having to start two guys.  Plenty of talent that I wouldn't worry about these positions at all unless they become more meaningful.  In this format they are essentially kickers or worse.  
  • Draft:  Keep with the approach of best player available and don't worry about position at all (other than IDP...forget about drafting any IDP because like I said they are kickers in this format).  The whole point of the draft is to find a rookie that will hit.  That is the only way they have any value.  Taking a position of need that is a lesser player doesn't help when they don't hit.  Don't force positions.  
Hopefully this helps.  Good luck.

You are certainly in a spot to package some of your young talent at the back of your roster and picks to add better immediate higher tier talent. I'm not a big fan of your QB talent and that would probably be my priority. I would tend to over pay by a decent margin to add any elite talent available.

I would first focus on Herbert, Burrows or Mahomes. I would then look at Lamb, Chase, Deebo and Najee.

I would first focus on Herbert, Burrows or Mahomes
I feel the same way. Your QBs are the weakest part of your team, and in a two QB league, that can be a problem. Watson might never play again, though that's a huge "might." People would hotly dispute that claim and say that of course people will forget eventually, but I think people are forgetting the toxicity he brings. Whoever trades for him is going to give up a bevy of picks plus take one the bigger PR hits in all of professional sports. It'll take some stones to do that. 

Or you can stand pat with what you have. Your team is obviously great, and starting that many guys means that rosters shouldn't really look as good as yours does. You'd figure those players would be dispersed a little more throughout the league. You have Taylor and J. Jefferson, the top two dynasty assets in the game (I think Chase is behind Jefferson, but that's just me). 

All in all, good work and congratulations on the two titles. 


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