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My non-sober Dynasty Draft results (1 Viewer)


10 Team 2QB 3WR 2RB TE 1W/T, W/R/ W/R/T K/ DEF 2IDP 20yrds =1pt all TDs 6pts. PPR. Bonuses for 100, Rush Rec 300 Pass etc.

My team before:
QB: Watson, TuaT, RWIlson, Trey Lance, Skylar Thompson
WR: JJEfferson, AJBRown, JWaddle, COlave, GWilson, DLondon, CGodwin, RMoore, JMetchieIII
RB: JTaylor CHubb, JKDobbin, BRobinson JR, DPierce, AJDillon,
TE: Kelce, Goedert
K: Bass
IDP: Roquan Smith, BWagner
Picks: 9, 11, 13, 19, 29, 30, 39.

#9 Pick: Dalton Kincaid
#11: Philadelphia DEF (projected #2 at 500pts based on scoring)
#13. Tyjae Spears
#19. Kendre Miller
#39 Zach Evans

Trades Made:
I gave GWilson for Kyle Pitts.
I gave Brian Robinson JR for 2024 3rd Rounder
I gave #29, #30 picks to worst team in league for 2024 3rd Rounder

New Squad:
Q: Watson, Tua, RWIlson, Lance, Skylar
WR: Jefferson, AJB, Waddle, Olave, Godwin, London, RMoore, Metchie,
RB: JTaylore, Chubb, JKDObbs, DPierce, AJDillon, KMiller, ZEvans,
TE: Kelce, Pitts, Goedert, Kincaid,
Rest the same

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