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Whose projections do you use in DD and why? (1 Viewer)


I used to rank David Dodds projections higher than the others but now that he's gone, I am wondering what my strategy should be.

TBH, I am not familiar with Anthony Amico.

Whose season long projections do you trust?
Bloom is the first one I look at. More for outliers than anything. If someone is ranked considerably higher or lower than I have them, I will take some extra time to think it over. Mostly I go with my own instincts, but fun to check them out.
My own, because it’s my team and I will win or lose based on my own decisions. I take the advisement of the FBG, this Board, etc that may shape my views, but the final call is me. I use PD to create my custom projections.
The main reason I started subscribing to Footballguys (over 20 years ago now, I believe, at least I know it was back in the Old Yeller days) was because I realized early the pitfalls of relying on just one or two peoples' projections. I understood how valuable a consensus of proven winners would be. I can't remember exactly when it was, but they had a feature a long time ago where they would take the staff who were rankings contributors and show how they finished in the previous year's premier contests. For me it was a good measuring stick to show consistency. That said, DD was always solid and one of the main reasons I got on board in the first place. And I admit that I have always look for the input of Jason Wood and SIgmund Bloom first, because I felt like their logical processes were most similar to my own.
I guess I bounce around and eventually end up looking at FBG Consensus, then add my take to it. Answering this question made me think though - what if we could assign every player to a regular poster here, and it would be their job to do the deepest dive possible?

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