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Why is Rodney Harrison ranked so low? (1 Viewer)

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Rodney Harrison is down in the 50s this week in the DB cheatsheet, a ways behind teammates Eugene Wilson (who I also have) and Asante Samuel. I'm going with Harrison and Kiel at safety now, but should I be playing Wilson instead?

that's probably based on last weeks numbers.harrison is a proven stud. he is a seven time all star in my league (highest scoring average) including last year. he is an every week start, period.

In my book R Harrison should be a top 5 player almost every week. This week's matchup at Carolina is nowhere near a bad matchup. The Panthers like the run the ball and they will. Last week Harrison had a so-so game because he had to play back in coverage to defend against Moss and the multiple weapons of the Raiders passing game. Nobody in their right mind would start guys like Jason David or Brian Russell ahead of R Harrison.


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