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Why is Sean Payton disliked so much? (1 Viewer)

Everybody has made all the points. Above all all it’s the arrogance of the play calling. Only coach in football I despise more is #### Kelly and thankfully he’s gone. 

Oh, and on a personal note, that week 15 game against Carolina were with 45 seconds left the ####### had all these options—run Kamara or Ingram for a first down and salt the game away; pass to Thomas; kick a FG. But No!!! Let’s run a jet sweep to the ####### punt returner!!!!! Fumble out of the end zone and then Newton throws two garbage passes to CMaC and I lose a playoff game by 1 point! I’ll hate Peyton forever for that alone 🤣🤣🤣

All the long time Dallas media guys have alluded to him being an arrogant, world class DB who stopped even acknowledging their existence the moment he became a head coach. These Dallas guys couldn’t be nicer or more respectful so he must have really rubbed them the wrong way. 

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