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Wikkidpedia Project (1 Viewer)

Mister CIA

Hoo Boy, I had to redo a few things, but I think we're in a better place now.  There's a lot of reading to follow, but I promise what we are doing is straightforward;  well, it's as straightforward as I can make it. First, dip your toes in.

Full disclosure:  I'm not proofreading any of this.  I need some sunshine.

ETA: I lied.  Could not proofread until I posted first.  I don't know why I have this problem.  I've made a dozen small edits these past ten minutes.

For those who want to participate in Operation Copy/Paste:

  • I created a new Google account that owns all the content.  I will share credentials via PM or email to anyone who wants to participate.  Please don't be offended if I don't share with you because I barely know you - at least not until I'm confident I'm securely backing up all content to my place.  So far, volunteers include @geewill, @krista4, @jamny, @Mrs. Rannous, and @ProstheticRGK.  Apologies if I have forgotten other volunteers.
  • Probably a good idea to use Google's Chrome browser.
  • Participants, when you log into the Google account, go to the Google Apps icon in the upper-right of your browser and click on the Google Apps icon (the waffle) and select "Drive," and then double-click on the Wikkidpedia folder.  

    The Notes doc is empty, and it's just meant to capture comments (might delete it, as this thread will be an excellent place to discuss the work going on).
  • The Tracker spreadsheet:

    Contains 560 rows - one for each block of 25 Wikkid posts that are revealed when you use the FBG Forums "Find Content" feature.
  • It's pretty self-explanatory, but for the sake of thoroughness, each participant will self-assign a block to themselves (MARK YOUR TERRITORY FIRST - then go copy/paste)
  • When you've completed a block, give yourself a green check mark.  You'll have to copy/paste an existing checkmark.
  • The 'D' column contains a direct link to each block of 25 posts, so you don't have to bother with the "Find Content" feature.

[*]The "Words" folder (nested inside the Wikkidpedia folder - Wikkidpedia / Words)

[*]The "FBG Forums" Folder (Wikkidpedia / Words / FBG Forums)

  • This is where all the grunt work happens
  • After self-assigning a block of posts, pull up the associated link and commence to copy/paste 25 posts into the corresponding doc.
  • Not absolutely nessary, but if you can remember copy/paste from the bottom-up, that way the posts in each doc will be in chronological order (in theory).
  • Recommend opening each link and copying only Wikkid's prose.  *Don't* grab the words on the "Find Content" results, because it may contain threaded conversation strings that include words not written by Wikkid - and it's not clear until you open the direct link to his post.
  • Be sure to add lot's a line feeds between each post so that it is clear where each one begins and ends.  For the two blocks I completed (the first and the last) I took a few liberties and edited out Wikkid's extra line feeds. 


  • *** The only objective is to capture every written word. ***  That's it - no adjoining context because ...
  • Trying to capture any back and forth thread dialogue with other posters is a fool's errand.  Likewise trying to capture the topic name and date/time.
  • Once we have it all captured, then maybe come up with a next-step; and I might not be that person, because now we're talking about creative editing and formatting skills - and I'm not real good at this.
  • Despite my best effort to break this into bite-sized tasks, copying and pasting 25 posts is super-tedious.  Thought I was nearing the end of a block, but scrolled up and realized I was only on 12 of 25, and those were just short posts in the NBA thread.
  • I'm wide-open for suggestions to improve, but please let's try to avoid adding layers to the task at hand (see lavender font above).
  • It's on my to-do list to grab @geewill contributions from my first stab at this (screenplay and personal emails).
  • Probably don't have to say this, but at first tread slowly to get the feel for what you are doing.

I tried my best to simplify this process and keep everything jargon free (and I probably forgot a thing to include a thing or two), but I know from experience I'll need to smooth what I am trying to say so that it's more easily understand.  This is the place to and answer questions and clear things up. 


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