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Will tweak to system help Campbell? (1 Viewer)

Read this today on Yahoo:

Mon, Sep 8 Jason Reid, of the Washington Post, reports Washington Redskins QB Jason Campbell was more effective Week 1 in the shotgun formation instead of working under center. Zorn offered to allow Campbell work out of the shotgun more often if he preferred and Campbell accepted. Campbell said, "I was really happy to hear him say that, because I like the shotgun. The shotgun gives me the chance to do some different things than when you're under center. Right now, we're all still learning this new offense and adjusting to it, so anything that can help us get to where we want to be, I'm all for it."
Original articleZorn's come under a lot of fire after week 1, as had Campbell. The offence looked completely lost and it was obvious that Campbell was not comfortable running the run-heavy WCO Zorn installed.

Not saying that this is going to turn this O around completely, but it's very encouraging that Zorn is looking to make these tweaks -- and better still, that he is instilling some trust from his QB in allowing Campbell to work more from a position where he feels comfortable making plays.

Stats from the article:

Overall against the Giants, Campbell completed 15 of 27 passes for 133 yards and one touchdown (on a 12-yard pass to Moss shortly before halftime). In the shotgun, however, Campbell went 10 of 15 for 99 yards. Under center, he had five completions in 12 attempts for 34 yards and the touchdown.
Hopefully Cooley will get targeted more as he will not have to shore up pass blocking with Campbell working more from the gun. Moss and Randle-El may not be world beaters, but they are still talented and can produce.How much time do you think it will take the Skins to settle into this system? My guess is that it is going to take a lot longer than one game, and a bit more than one adjustment, for this O to be running like a well-piled machine. But it's a good step forward.


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