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Would you start Fitz over Rodgers ? (1 Viewer)

Rodgers' knee is the difference for me.  I'd roll out Fitz in a Monday Night Shoot-out.

The magic will stop... I just like this match-up too much and the risk of Rodgers leaving the game would make me roll the dice.

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After Rodgers played so this is possibly hindsight 20/20.  I'm a HUGE Packers fan and I gotta tell ya the injury really has Rodgers playing differently.  Something is off and it's not just the knee.  He doesn't look like the same guy I watched just two seasons ago.  Whatever it is, at the current rate, until Rodgers and the Packers can right the ship again I would ride the FitzMagic Train till it runs out of fuel...

Go FitzPatrick


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