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Would you start Mostert Week 1 over Zeke? (1 Viewer)


From the "play your guys" mantra, obviously you start Zeke.  But...

Zeke plays at T-Bay week 1 with what seems like will be a not 100% Dak.

Mostert looked incredible in the preseason and gets Detroit in a nice game script.  

I'm planning on Zeke but hard to not think about Mostert.  I'm starting Najee at my other RB spot.  This is a non-PPR, 10-team league, standard yardage and TD scoring.  



Seems a fairly obvious zeke. If your choice was between him and, say, James Robinson, then it's a bit more interesting, but this really isn't. Plus you get the benefit of being able to switch other players accordingly with the data point of Zeke's score if it's an outlier one way or another.



I would start Zeke but I would also see if Mostert could be in your flex spot.  That matchup is really good and he should get some good opportunities.  



Zeke and Harris for sure, but yea Mostert is intriguing. but not enough to start him over Zeke. So like Gally said, if you have a flex spot he would be in consideration for that (Depending on who else you have of course)

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Zeke is way too hard to bench for Mostert. Even if he doesn't do a ton on the ground, who says Zeke can't score multiple TD's?



Thanks for all the answers.  This league can only start two RBs (no flex) and my top 4 are Zeke/Najee/Javonte W/Mostert.  I'm starting Zeke/Najee, but just have this dread of Zeke getting totally shut down as the Cowboys get behind, and Mostert running for two 40+ yard TDs against one of the weakest Ds in the game.  Let's ZEKE IT UP! 


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