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Which team do you think will finish 2nd in the league (1 Viewer)


My goal is to trade into the top 2 picks of 2024 draft to acquire Marvin Harrison Jr or Caleb Williams or Drake May.
Read Below and see which team you believe will Finish 2nd to Last. Only 5 of the 10 teams are listed. 6 teams make playoffs in the league.
Dynasty 2QB League. 10 team PPR 6pts all TDs 20yds pass = 1pt. 2Q3W2R1T3Flx Bonus tiers. YOu can start up to 6WRs each week. 4RBs or 3TEs depending on your Flex usage

Team1. I think will finish last (again). Seahawks fan, limited interest but sets lineup. Decent at redraft.
QB: ARichardson, Levis, Mariota, HHooker, Stetson Bennett
WR: DevSmith, JJeudy, TLockett, KToney, JDowns, JaydReed, APierce, RWoods, DSlayton, IsMcKenzie, DeACarter,
RB: CAkers, DMontgomery, JConner ZEKE, Cordarelle Patterson,
TE: TMcBride, Ertz, HHurst
K: McManus
DEF: Cin
IDP ZFranklin, JHicks

Team 2. Finished 2nd to last 2022 and last for 3 straight years (Pit fan, sets line up but not super active)
QB: JBurrow, TLawrence, RTannehill
WR: DAdams, ZFlowers, GPickens, BCooks, RShaheed, CCLaypool, DPJ, Dortch, RayRayMcLoud, MarvinJOnesJR, HRenfrow,
RB: BijanRobinson, Breece Hall, IPacheco, Chuba, JamaalWilliams
T: GKittle, Darnell Washington
K Gano,
IDP: TJ Watt, BOkereke, Minkah Fitz, Derwin JamesJr

Team 3. Sets lineup, Doesn't totes plan ahead. But gets relatively lucky. Took4th
QB: Geno Smith, Kirk COusins, KPickett, Zach WIlson
WR: SDiggs, JAddison, MarquiseBrown, DeeboSamuel, Mike Williams Parris Campbell, Wan'dale Robinson, MVS, RGage, SterShephard.
RB: Saquon Barkley, LFournette, Samaje Perine, JmcKinnon, Zamir White, Tyler Allegier, Damian Harris
TE: Njoku, IrvSmith, GEverett, RTonyan, I.Likely,
K Badgley,
IDP: Fred Warner and L'Sneed

Team 4: (Missed playoffs. Ranked 7th of 10, active owner still rebuilding)
QB: JHerbert, Bryce Young, DesRidder, Stidham,
WR: JChase, DKMetcalf, BAyiuk, CRidley, DiontaeJohnson, Eli Moore, JakobiM, Rashee Rice,
RB: Ekeler, Najee, Mixon, Javonte Williams, AMattison, DAchane, Tank Bigsby
TE: TJHockenson, Evan Engram, THigbee, GDulcich
IDP: Oluokon, DWhite

Team 5. Finished 8th (Inactive owner to some extent, doesn't research, team built on my advice)
QB: ARodgers, Kmurray, BPurdy, JGaropollo, JLove, JWinston, MCorral,
WR: CWatson, THiggins, DJMoore, PittmanJr, JDotson, DeHopkins, CKirk, DMooney,
RB: DHenry, RhamStevenson, JGibbs, AGibson,
TE: Gesicki, Fant, HHenry, LSchoonmaker,
K: Jason Myers
IDP: T DIggs, TJ Edwards, Cole Holcomb

I'm anticipating Team 1 to acquire Jordan Love as QB2 from Team 5. This only helps team1 doesn't really impact team 5.
Team 1: Should finish last again. barring some luck and trades or key injuries.
Team 4: is just too loaded IMO and was likely tanking in 2022 due to injuries to key players.
Team 2: notorious bottom feeder. Finally has a full roster. Not a ton of depth but some key players and should make playoffs 6 of 10 teams make players.
Team 3: is who I would guess to finish 9th overall. Solid Roster but there are holes in depth etc. Geno regression, Strong WRs, needs RB, Questions for elite TE play.
Team 5: Seems built to Win Now, Loaded high tier 2 WRs. Great RB play. Decent QB depth. TE Meh. Could be a sleeper to phone it in though. Lack of activity will have him lose a few close ones to active manager with equally talented roster.

My Rank from worst to best:
Team 1 = 10th
Team 3 = 9th-8th
Team 5 = 8th to 3rd
Team 2 = 7th-5th
Team 4 = 6th-3rd
Team 3 would get my vote, but what pieces are you planning on giving for their 24 1? Whatever you give them outside of picks is going to possibly make them better than the competition.

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