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WR Rashid Shaheed, NO (1 Viewer)

Rashid Shaheed ran for 44 yards and a touchdown on his only carry in Week 6's loss to the Bengals, and did not catch his only target.​

It was a highlight-reel worthy run, with Eli Apple apparently faked out of existence by the design of the play. Shaheed showed jets. He also was barely involved in the game plan beyond that, so, it's hard to tell you he's worth rostering at this point. He's likely just a speed merchant that found himself in the right place at the right time.
Oct 16, 2022, 4:59 PM ET
Averaging 48.5 yards per touch and one TD per touch after his first two career touches.

Not too shabby.

Saints WR Rashid Shaheed scored a 53-yard touchdown in New Orleans' Week 7 loss to the Cardinals.​

It was the second time in five days the undrafted 24-year-old rookie out of small-school Weber State housed a 40-plus yard score. It was a 44-yard reverse in Week 6. Cool, but Shaheed has drawn all of two touches. We doubt he will keep up his 100 percent touchdown rate. We wouldn't yet be interested in Shaheed in Dynasty leagues.
Oct 21, 2022, 12:39 AM ET
Saints 4 downs, in which we ask for Rashid Shaheed to get more chances to touch the ball


4: Secret weapon?

Can the Saints get rookie Rashid Shaheed a bit more involved in the offense, please? Shaheed has been active for two games, has touched the ball twice on offense and turned both of them into touchdowns (of 44 and 53 yards). Sure, it’s not like New Orleans can take a green player and just make him an offensive focal point, but it can’t be that hard to figure out a way to get the ball in his hands two or even three times per game, can it?

Rashid Shaheed caught all four targets for 75 yards in the Saints' Week 13 loss to the Buccaneers.​

Shaheed erupted down the sideline for a 40-yard catch on his first touch of the game, adding another three grabs for 35 additional yards down the stretch. His snap rate has been trending in the right direction over the previous three contests, which should be bolstered by the release of Kevin White earlier this week. Shaheed could hold speculative fantasy value down the stretch for teams in deep leagues.
Dec 6, 2022, 12:21 AM ET
Just picked him up in Dynasty as a dart throw for next year. His playing time and targets have gone up pretty steadily over the last few weeks. If the QB situation is ever sorted out he could end up being the #2 WR in NO next year. I doubt Landry is back and they have other areas of need and no first round pick.
I'm starting to seriously considering this guy as a start for me the next two weeks over Hollywood Brown/DJ Moore-types. Undrafted rookie that has dynamic written all over him. Was second in WR snaps in week 13 to only Olave (36 vs 41), and turned 4 targets into 4/75/0 in a close game against TB. If he comes outta the bye week having earned more snaps/targets, and the Red Rifle starts dealing...he could be a sweet deal the next couple of weeks (Falcolns, @Browns).
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I knew nothing of his ACL issues leading to his going undrafted! Nice tidbit of info ...

never ran a 40 but he looks 4.3 in pads. bit like Jamo, successful ACL rehab didn't affect straight line speed.

but he's got some wiggle in addition to being quick as a waterbug. it's Olave's world down there but the kid is a weapon.

not enough volume for me to pick him up, WR is a strength and he's not reliable enough. but if you have a shaky WR3/Flex he's the kind of HR threat that should be in playoff lineups.
Seems like a good add at the end of the year for some sort of lotto going into next year. Seems Olave is the only for sure returning WR.
I added him last week. Might f around and start him this week. He’s definitely getting a lot of shine, and Palmer is shrinking a bit.
Shaheed could be a solid flex play.

Rashid Shaheed caught 3-of-4 targets for 95 yards and a touchdown in the Saints' Week 15 win over the Falcons.​

Shaheed's 68-yard touchdown in the first quarter was his longest yet, while he's now led the Saints in receiving in back-to-back games. For today's score, Shaheed got a step on Richie Grant and weak-armed Taysom Hill managed to get the ball just in over the defender's outstretched arms. From there, it was a foot race no one but Shaheed was going to win. Popping up for splash plays shockingly often, the 24-year-old undrafted rookie is undoubtedly forcing his way into the Saints' 2023 plans. Although he probably doesn't have a WR2 career ceiling, Shaheed is certainly worth rostering in Dynasty leagues heading into the offseason.
Dec 18, 2022, 4:34 PM ET
Saints rookie Rashid Shaheed is doing something nobody's done for 30 years (at least)

Midway through the second quarter last week, New Orleans Saints quarterback Andy Dalton dropped back and heaved a ball deep down the right sideline for undrafted rookie receiver Rashid Shaheed, who had veteran cornerback James Bradberry trailing in coverage.

As he’s done often this season, Shaheed not only got a step on his man but he completed the play, a 58-yard catch and run that positioned the Saints inside the Eagles’ 10-yard line.

The play shouldn’t have necessarily come as a surprise. Shaheed has been targeted deep downfield seven times this season and he’s caught six of them.

It was his fourth catch of 40-plus yards this season, which ties Shaheed with teammate Chris Olave for the ninth-most such catches in the NFL this season — not bad for a player who didn’t make his debut until Week 6 and didn’t play more than 25 % of the offensive snaps in a game until Week 11.

What is remarkable about the play, though, is how quickly it has started to feel routine. According to the NFL's Next Gen Stats, that catch by Shaheed was only the second time Bradberry has been beaten on a deep ball this season. Including last week’s game against the Saints, Bradberry is allowing opposing receivers to catch just 44.3 % of their targets while he’s in coverage.

In some respects, Shaheed is having a historic rookie season.

With one week to go in his rookie season, he’s caught 25 passes (on 30 targets) for 454 yards — an average of 18.2 yards per catch.

He’s now the only player in the last 30 NFL seasons (and perhaps more: Pro Football Reference’s database only tracks targets back to 1992) who has averaged better than 18 yards per catch while also catching at least 80 % of his targets with a minimum of 30 targets.
Shaheed with his ADP of ~170, ~WR65 will almost definitely be my most owned player this season and based on those ADPs, the biggest "reach" I'll be making this year. I'll be gladly scooping him in rounds 11/12 whenever I can. Saints have an easy schedule, and I think they will be passing a ton regardless. I also think MT is washed, so could see a path where Shaheed is the 3rd look in that offense.
Been grabbing him everywhere. I pretty much hate the WRs after around the 10th round with only a couple of exceptions and he is one of them. My 2nd highest owned WR in 12 FPC redrafts at 50% at the moment. Best ball right around the same through 56 Underdog/FFPC drafts = 21 shares 37.5%
Been grabbing him everywhere. I pretty much hate the WRs after around the 10th round with only a couple of exceptions and he is one of them. My 2nd highest owned WR in 12 FPC redrafts at 50% at the moment. Best ball right around the same through 56 Underdog/FFPC drafts = 21 shares 37.5%

I have a higher ownership share of him. He is incredibly cheap and I have no idea why.
… and Rashid Shaheed will miss the entire preseason with a groin injury (my speculation). Same thing happened to him last preseason. If he can’t stay healthy during prime development time, it’s going to be hard for Shaheed to reach his potential
That is a bummer to hear. I was so impressed on what he did last year being a rookie and missing preseason. He really looked like he belonged. Hopefully this doesn’t set his development back too far as him and Olave could be quite a tandem to handle for defenses.
Rashid Shaheed caught five passes for 89 yards and a touchdown, while adding 11 yards rushing in a Week 1 win over the Titans.

The Saints passing game benefited from their offense being unable to run the ball against the Titans defensive line. Derek Carr dropped back to pass 37 times, with Shaheed seeing six targets. On his touchdown catch, Shaheed got the corner to bite on a quick hesitation and cruised into the end zone for 19 yards. Shaheed was also used on three jet sweeps, including one big run called back for holding, and Carr hit him on a 41 yard go route to help seal the win, so the Saints are going to scheme ways to get him the ball. Perhaps more importantly, when Carr started to move the pocket more in the second half, he seemed to find Shaheed and Chris Olave far more often as they are the two best improvisational receivers in New Orleans. Shaheed is looking like a great waiver claim in leagues where he’s available and could have a big day against the Panthers next week.

- Rotoworld
It was apparent last season that Speed Shaheed was the real deal. One of those prospects who slipped through the cracks.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he led the Saints in receiving TDs.
Could’ve easily had 2 TDs. Got a little off-balance on the deep ball after hauling it in & stepped out of bounds, but nobody was going to catch him. I haven’t see that kind of burst/speed since Tyreek came on the scene.

I saw Shaheed’s first touch last season (an end-around for a TD) & his acceleration almost looked cartoonish. I immediately started doing some research on him.

Olave & Thomas are out-snapping him, but maybe not for long. I’m really interested to see how his career develops.
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Could’ve easily had 2 TDs. Got a little off-balance on the deep ball after hauling it in & stepped out of bounds, but nobody was going to catch him.

If I'm right, you're talking about the long completion to salt the game away, right after the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter.

There was yet another almost-TD at about 7:50 in the second quarter. Carr zips one to Shaheed at the edge of the end zone. Shaheed is kind of in a "sliding into second base" situation as the ball arrives -- Shaheed's basically laying on one hip when he makes the catch. His hip and one knee are out of bounds, dragging the ground. Both feet are in. But the knee out-of-bounds as the catch was made nullified the completion and the TD.

The link above is the best shot I could find of that 2nd-quarter play. During the broadcast, there were several replays from other angles that demonstrated how close to a TD it really was.


NEW NEWS: KR/PR Lynn Bowden was called up from the Saints' practice squad today to handle the return game next Monday against Carolina. Shaheed will be strictly offense.
Available in my league still.

Is it fair to say he’s a lot like Toney with his speed and ability to make big plays but unlike Toney he actually plays games and there’s no need to deal with the sideshow antics?

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