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WR Values/Rankings? (1 Viewer)


10 team / .5PPR / Redraft

How would you rank them ROS and/or how would you rank these WRs' trade values?

- D Johnson (target machine but that PIT offense)
- T Higgins (STRUGGLING hard so far, and is pretty up and down but has potential very high spike weeks and was ranked high pre-season)
- J Addison (Nice promise and has chance with JJ out but might be TD dependent in a now not as good offense)

Considering offering one for J Gibbs
(part of a package where I trade Mattison, Cooper and WR for St. Brown and Gibbs (Cooper + Matty for Amon and WR for Gibbs))

Thanks for all opinions.
I don't see that trade going through but you never know. Based on the offer you are thinking about I would give the other guy his choice of the three and then complete the trade and don't look back.

As far as ranking them they are all about the same with plusses and minuses.
  • D. Johnson: The great unknown. Not sure how much of a "target machine" he will be upon return. I probably rank him lowest because of the complete unknown
  • Higgins: If you don't need to start him he is a nice bench stash to see if he turns around. He has the talent and team but until they figure things out he is almost unplayable.
  • Addison: Should continue to improve as he is better than Osborne and with JJ out he should eventually rise to the top.

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