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FA but has been too good the past couple years not to be re-signed by NYG again or at least somebody.

14.07 Josh Brown, PK NYG?



IBL Representative
Reaper sniped me again........ Apologies for the short delay, was attending a missions fund raiser at our church.

14.14 Josh Lambo PK Chargers

will PM Bass



IBL Representative
13.01 BassNBrew - Kansas City Defense DST5

13.02 Stephan Holloway - Philadelphia Defense DST6

13.03 Reaper - Graham Gano CAR PK2

13.04 Fresh Prince - Jermaine Kearse SEA WR77

13.05 FFwiseguy - Pittsburgh Defense DST7

13.06 BroadwayG - Steven Hauschka SEA PK3

13.07 TripItUp - Justin Tucker BAL PK4

13.08 Drunken Slob - Brandon McManus DEN PK5

13.09 FUBAR - Dan Bailey DAL PK6

13.10 Shadowfax - Houston Defense DST8

13.11 Stinkin Ref - Mason Crosby GBP PK7

13.12 Bro1ncos - Blair Walsh MIN PK8

13.13 Snellman - Minnesota Defense DST9

13.14 Duckboy - Adam Vinatieri IND PK9

13.15 BSS - Matt Prater DET PK10

13.16 Jeff Pasquino - New England Defense DST10

14.01 Jeff Pasquino - Cairo Santos KCC PK11

14.02 BSS - New York Jets Defense DST11

14.03 Duckboy - Chandler Catanzaro ARZ PK12

14.04 Snellman - Robbie Gould CHI PK13

14.05 Bro1ncos - Buffalo Defense DST12

14.06 Stinkin Ref - Jason Myers JAC PK14

14.07 Shadowfax - Josh Brown NYG PK15

14.08 FUBAR - LA Def

14.09 Drunken Slob - Tre Mason

14.10 TripItUp - Seabass

14.11 BroadwayG - Green Bay Def

14.12 FFwiseguy - Hopkins

14.13 Fresh Prince - Boswell

14.14 Reaper - Nugent

14.15 Stephan Holloway - Lambo

14.16 BassNBrew

15.01 BassNBrew -


Stinkin Ref

IBL Representative
gotta go ref so will be out of touch for a while....will text my 15.11 pick to broncos and bass....shadowfax please pm them after you pick and make sure somebody for sure pm's broncos...


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