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WTH happened to Anquan Boldin? (1 Viewer)


How does a guy go from fantasy football's best receiver to being allergic to the end zone and only about half-as-involved in teh offense as he used to be?

Last three games:

5 rec 63 yds 0 TDs

5 rec 62 yds 0 TDs

6 rec 34 yds 0 TDs

Do you think he's a little banged up? I know he came out of the Philly game for a few snaps because of a sore back.

He's definitely not the guy he was for the first two and a half months of the season.

He did look scared in the philly game. The entire Arizona offense has struggled lately. Haven't watched the last two games - how has the offensive line looked?

Warner had little time to throw today and wasn't very good when he had time. they're going with 4 and 5 WR sets so much, the ball is getting spread around a lot more.

Haven't watched any recent games, but their running games seems to have evaporated. You can get away with that short term, but not long term. It's catching up with them.

Getting down by alot hurt them this week. Defense could play the pass all day so there was not going to be much room to work with. A closer game would have made the defense play straight up and give Boldin and the WRs more room to work, and the line a better chance to block.

I clinched my division before last week and had a bye this week, hope he turns it on to finish the season bring me back to back titles.


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