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Zay Flowers? (1 Viewer)


10 teamer ppr auction draft. I went all in on RB (mac, ekler, gibbs, kelly). I am average at WR (olave, metcalf, pickens, london, jeudy). I also own Pitts. Would you drop London or anyone else for Zay? Or just right it out. Our waivers are dollar based and closes tonight.

Part of me wants to get the hell out of the Desmond Ridder expereince (London and Pitts) but maybe Jeudy or Pickens is the better drop or not?

Our benches are only 5 deep but Flowers just blinks like a red light that he could be a 100 reception 1000 yard receiver 7 td guy straight out of the box.

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I think London is going to be a roster clogger. Not to say he won't have a few games but you will never know when they are and because of the name you will think you have to hold onto him.

I would put Flowers over London, Jeudy or Pickens so dropping any of them is ok but I would drop them in that order.

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