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Zeke Trade (1 Viewer)


I was offered 3 - 2019 #1's for Zeke.

I have Hunt, Zeke, Conner, K Johnson, and Gordon and am 4-0.   Hate to break this RB stable up... set for years

what say you ?

Depends on the rest of your team and your needs next year, with three #1's you can restock pretty easy.

Rest of the team looks like this -

QB - Rodgers, Fitzpatrick, El, Jackson
RB - Zeke, Conner,Gordon,Hunt,Johnson, Mack
WR - Beasley, Patterson, E Sanders, Sanu, JuJu, S Shepard, Westbrook
TE - Burton, Cook, Williams, Hurst, Thomas

He's got Ridley --I'm thinking of asking for Ridley too.

Yea, get Ridley thrown in and do it. With the draft picks you'll be able to get a good QB, a RB and a WR next year. All will be areas of need.


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