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Official Johnny Manziel Thread


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No Manziel in Tiger-Cats’ home opener

Posted by Mike Florio on June 30, 2018, 12:37 AM EDT

Johnny Manziel has spent three regular-season games in the CFL. He has yet to play in any of them.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats played their home opener on Friday night, notching a 31-17 win over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Starting quarterback Jeremiah Masoli went wire-to-wire for Hamilton, completing 31 of 41 passes (75.6 percent) for 369 yards, a touchdown, and an interception.

For the season, the former Mississippi quarterback has completed 75 of 106 passes for 1,045 yards and four scores. He has a 70.7-percent completion percentage and a per-pass average of 9.85 yards.

Given those numbers and in light of the team’s 2-1 start, it may be awhile before Manziel gets a chance to start. He likely has a better chance at this point of getting on the field in garbage time of a game that has been decided.

That could have been tonight, given that Hamilton led 31-10 after three quarters. But Manziel remained on the bench, and by all appearances he’ll be there indefinitely.

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56 minutes ago, DallasDMac said:

Sounds like he was signed as a PR ploy rather than as a viable backup.

Maybe.. but how often do backups get snaps in games, setting aside injury or poor performance? The idea of "mop-up duty" is something rarely seen in the real world.

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Was at the Hamilton game last night, my first CFL game. No comparison to the fun of Bills tailgate. 

Surprised to see a decent amount of Manziel jerseys in the crowd. 

Hamilton QB played like dirt...there were calls in the crowd for Johnny Football. 

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I suspect that a Johnny Manziel comeback movie is off the table for now...

TSN‏ @TSN_Sports 5m5 minutes ago

After the first half of play, the @Ticats lead the @MTLAlouettes 38-3 on #FNF.

Johnny Manziel went 9-for-16, and threw for 90 yards and four interceptions.


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I actually have some friends from TO & Montreal and I had some beers with them oh about a month ago. Friend from MTL was saying that the talk had been that the Als had tried to get the rights to Manziel from Hamilton and I really wondered about the value of that considering he was at best a Project. Then the Als sure enough traded two firsts for for him. Then they just up and started him. Reminds me of what they did with Michael Sam a couple years back, just a pure pr ploy. They should have let him stay on the bench in Ham.

In defense of the CFL, I don’t think Manziel ever had a game this bad in the NFL. His first pass was picked, all 4 Ints came in the 1st half. I enjoy CFL football so I’m actually sort of gratified by this result. And I’ve rooted against Manziel since his Aggie days. But I do hate to see a person wreck their life. If this continues everyone on the Als should be fired, including the owner.

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7 hours ago, Faust said:

Sitting behind Antonio Pipkin and competing for clipboard duties with Matt Shiltz must be humbling, on top of the humblings he’s already endured, yes.

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