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Week 11 Questions For Bloom

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On 11/16/2018 at 10:41 PM, DrCoats said:

Wk 11:

Have L. Jackson, other QB on bye,  Balt QB starter in doubt.  

Roll w/Jackson & hope?

Pick up & start RGIII if announced as starter?

Pick up & start Dak & wait for next week?

ROS: Closing in on playoff w/Reed at TE, thoughts on dropping for Watson (soft sched for TE's last 5 wks or so).

Thx for your help.

play dak hold reed

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this is a great question and one that provoked a lot of thought bugs bunny. Bugs seemed like the type that could go with the flow, always on the move, hip and ahead of his time, confident in any

If you could befriend a cartoon character, who would it be?

On 11/17/2018 at 4:55 AM, brun said:

Hi Sig,

FPC Contest (PPR with TE premium), need as many points as possible to get 2nd seed in league playoffs & auto-berth into contest championship round. Need 2.

Brown, John v CIN

Thomas, Demaryius at WAS

Funchess, Devin at DET


Different team but same situation. Need 1.

Heuerman, Jeff at LAC

Ebron, Eric v TEN




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On 11/17/2018 at 4:57 AM, jtp1982 said:

You’re the man Bloom!  Great draft advice this year, been a big part of my success so THANKS!!!

Assuming I can adjust for great/terrible matchups, who do think will be my best WR2 ROS 1/2 pt PPR?

Golladay, Sutton or Lockett


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On 11/17/2018 at 5:30 AM, Kwai Chang Caine said:

HI Sig,

Need a win bad. Already mediocre start from Wilson but at least I sat Graham and dodged that bullet. 

Anyway, standard scoring with a 5 point bonus for 100 yards.

one of these has to SIT:

Dalvin Cook




Mike Evans


Also, TE: Howard or McDonald?


THANKS and have a happy Thanksgiving!


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On 11/17/2018 at 7:29 AM, Captain Crunk said:

Hey Sig -

.5 PPR - Mack or Dion Lewis?  Ben or Luck Bears or Steelers?  I have a close game by projections and looking for the safest floor but potential for upside so I was leaning Steelers.



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On 11/17/2018 at 8:35 AM, kyoun1e said:

Wondering if you could rank the following QB streamers for the rest of the year. Been streaming all year and I'm trying to set myself up for the playoffs. 

4 pts per TD pass. Bold are playoff matchups.

1. M. Trubisky -- @DET, @NYG, LAR, GB, @SF

2. R. Wilson -- @CAR, SF, MN, @SF, KC

3. L. Jackson -- OAK, @ATL, @KC, TB, @LAC (Probably the best overall schedule, but not sure you can trust the talent over other options).

4. M. Mariota -- @HOU, NYJ, JAX, @NYG, WASH

5. C. Keenum -- PIT, @CIN, @SF, CLE, @OAK  (This looks real soft, but similar to L. Jackson not sure Keenum can be trusted).

Would you switch the above order in any way or do I have it right?


wilson trubisky jackson mariota keenum

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On 11/17/2018 at 10:38 AM, jpfitz7 said:

Big week this week against a team about equal to mine. No PPR. Should I start Watkins, John Brown, Trequan, or Ekeler at flex? My other starters are Watson, Gurley, Ingram, Michael Thomas, Cooks, Kelce, BAL, and Maher. 

Thanks Sig


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18 hours ago, Jsmiff said:

Sig if you still inclined to answer, u asked who can I drop for Jameis

it would be either theo or josh Adams who are my rb 5 and 6 in full ppr. Don’t need Adams I reckon, u reckon the same? There is also the prospect of dropping Theo and Adams for Lamar Jackson and spencer ware which is what I think u would advocate.

In my league 6 point pass tds and bonus at 300 and 400 yards so a TB qb hold lots of weight. So drop Theo and Adams for ware and Jackson or Winston? Thanks sig! 

get jackson and winston

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17 hours ago, Simplysexie said:

Sup SIg, 

Fitzmagic or LJackson?

Need one RB in .5ppr: Dalvin Cook or Mark Ingram

Need two WR in .5ppr: sanders, Smokey Brown, ARob, DJ Moore

With Those WRs, MVS droppable for Week 12 Streaming Def or Ware?


yes drop MVS ugh

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10 hours ago, xenon said:

Hello and THANK YOU.

League 1: Tyler Boyd or Sterling Shepard?

  • standard scoring w/ bonus @ 100 yds, PPR (I started Valdez-Scantling on Thurs ?Leaning Shepard vs TB w/ Cinci against BALT and Green still out



League 2:   

Standard scoring & PPR

Plenty of TE on the waiver wire (currently have Engram rostered), who should I pick up and start if not Engram?....can you put 1st and 2nd choice in case one is gone?  Who for the week and who for rest of season?

  • Rudolph, Reed 2nd choice this week, Engram ROS, Heurmann, RSJ, Vance McDonald this week

Who to start @ FLEX?

  • Crabtree, James Conner (starting Godon and Mixon @ RB unless you convince me otherwise),  Galloday or Howard?  Honestly leaning Crabtree vs Cinci


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3 hours ago, Clash of the Titans said:

Old school league 

qbs .25 for completion/6 points passing td/50 yards point

rbs/WRs .25 reception/20 yards point/6 points for td

fitz or Trubisky 

Collins or fournette

tyler Boyd  or josh Reynolds 

thanks sir and good luck to you today 


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2 hours ago, xrayveggin said:


0.5 PPR, pick 2

Diggs against a stingy Chicago D

Calvin Ridley against a tough against WR Dallas D

Tyler Boyd against Baltimore

or sleeper Ty Montgomery against a lax Cincy defense



RBs: Mixon, DJ, Malcolm Brown, Penny, Ty Montgomery

ROS, do I drop Brown, Penny, or Ty to pick up the oft wounded Chris Thompson or Chase Edmonds from waivers?


ty for edmonds

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40 minutes ago, cap'n grunge said:

Mitchmagic or Fitzmagic 

Mitch against my improving home team Vikings D, or Fitz who can wing it for high pts but always at a risk for another benching with mistakes. Also picked up Lamar Jackson but feels way too risky to throw out there in a must win matchup for me.

both have risk, mitch has the much tougher matchup. no safe play

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