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Nominate a player for the FF Hall of Fame

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Marshall Faulk should be in the inaugural class. He was the first “unfair advantage”. There were leagues that separated his rushing and receiving stats because he was  so far ahead of everyone else.

Priest Holmes

LaDainian Tomlinson

Dan Marino -- already mentioned, but in mid-80's he was the exception to the rule on waiting on QB.  He was so much better our league had an ill-conceived Marino rule to lessen his impact.

Faulk -- PPR Gold


Tony Gonzalez -- 

Justin Tucker 

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12 hours ago, Man of Constant Sorrow said:

My 1st ff pick ever was Marino...before we learned to wait on qb.

Same here.  '93, the year he tore his Achilles.  Before the game was even over, another owner had called the commissioner and picked up Scott Mitchell.

My 2nd round pick that year? Jason Elam

My 3rd round pick that year? Glyn Milburn

That's when I stopped paying attention to preseason games.


My last season before retiring from FF, I won 2 out the 3 leagues I played in thanks to AP.

My nominations:

Natrone Means

Marcus Robinson

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Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Ahman Green
  • Warren Moon (run and shoot days and his WR's - Ernest Givins, Drew Hill, Haywood Jeffiries, Curtin Duncan)
  • Andre Rison
  • Andre Reed
  • Lorenzo White (with the run and shoot Houston teams)
  • Chris Warren had some solid years
  • Herschel Walker
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10 hours ago, Hooper31 said:

Some old school favorites in PPR

Larry Centers

I was not in PPR back then, but my league was mostly TD-dependent with double points for doing something out of ordinary position (so, a RB got 6 for a rushing TD, and 12 points for a receiving TD, for example), with distance scoring bonuses that were also doubled.  Larry Centers was great back then because of all his receiving touchdowns. Keith Byars comes to mind too.

That rule did lead to some scoring oddities though.  I remember Kordell Stewart getting started at WR in the league, despite playing QB, and then getting double points for TD passes. And Eric Metcalf getting scored as if he were a RB even though he was mostly playing WR.

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2 hours ago, Da Guru said:


Clinton Portis, scored 5 TDs in a game where I knocked out the best team in our league.

Terrell Davis

Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice when we played TD only.

Randy Moss


with Clintortis and Touchdown Freddy Taylor, i could beat anybody!

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I'm honestly surprised no one has mentioned Maurice Jones-Drew.  MJD even had a fantasy-focused show on Sirius Radio called Runnin' with MJD (regardless of the quality, it still existed).  Dude is a first-balloter if there ever was one!

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1 hour ago, bigbottom said:

Brad Johnson for what I think may be the highest scoring fantasy play of all time. 

I actually had him on my team and in my lineup for that play. I was the commissioner and my league was still doing manual scoring (I would do it and another owner would check me). Caused quite the controversy when I claimed the passing TD and receiving TD and both the receiving and passing yards.

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My first ballot would be:


Faulk, LT

Moss, Harrison, AB


Thats obviously biased by my age and when I played fantasy but it also aligns with the rise and peak of fantasy 

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22 hours ago, El Floppo said:



7 minutes ago, dschuler said:

Haven’t seen Terrell Owens yet.  He had a pretty good run.  Also Ahman Green had a good run in the early 2000s.  

Rodney Harrison

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32 minutes ago, General Malaise said:

Ha!  He's a local sports radio host here in the mornings.  I bet he'd be tickled pink to get a mention in here.  Seems like a solid dude.  Hell of a golfer, too. 

I was one of those who fell for the story that he had lost a hand.  I don't know how far around the Internet that story went, but FFT was my mainstay and it stuck there for a hot minute.

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