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Steelers-Ravens Game thread

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Goodell: “We believe our protocols are working.”  You’re literally talking at the halftime of a regular season game at 5 on on a Wednesday.

Hope everyone is having a happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

I'll never forget where I was when James Washington made his Wednesday catch on a pop-up thrown by Big Ben.

1 hour ago, IvanKaramazov said:

There's that patented McSorley magic 

It's in jest but this is pretty much who McSorely is. All he did was throw bombs to Godwin and Gesicki at PSU or run for 10-15 yards on QB draws. 

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2 hours ago, rockaction said:

I don't care what anyone says, Brady is throwing dimes deep and coming up empty because the coverages are good. As Romo pointed out in the KC games, they're playing two deep -- really deep -- coverages the whole time, taking away the deep ball.

I could be wrong but I thought I saw where Brady was 0 for 20 this year 20 yards + passing.

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7 hours ago, Ministry of Pain said:

Diontae Johnson-DOINK!!!


6 hours ago, rockaction said:

Can't run now. You'll never unpile the guys in time and they'll milk it.


6 hours ago, rockaction said:

See what I was saying?


6 hours ago, The Frankman said:

I have no idea how that's not a penalty, they legit laid down and prevented the Ravens players form getting up. That's all kinds of BS.


Harbaugh LITERALLY told the refs to watch for that and they still didn't call anything.


6 hours ago, SayWhat? said:

Because it was a pile up with 10 players.  At the goal line.  That was an idiotic play call in that situation with no timeouts remaining, that that's the exact reason why you simply can't call a run there with no timeouts.  Also, there was ZERO sense of urgency by any singular player on the Ravens offense to get people cleared from the pile and/or lined up for the next play.  Harbaugh deserved that one. 


6 hours ago, Godsbrother said:

Lots of drops too


6 hours ago, dmac37 said:

Throw it to Diontae, he is making difficult catches


5 hours ago, The_Man said:

Harbs punting there is really waving a white flag 


5 hours ago, rockaction said:

Johnson is having a rough day catching the ball.


5 hours ago, Godsbrother said:

That must be Johnson’s 5th drop today

Wow so I almost pulled off a coup today, and should have. I needed to fade about 16 Diontae points in the FBG semifinals. His multiple drops were absolutely huge for me as I won by about 2. 

One other semifinal matchup was against a team with Tyreek, and I only ####### needed 3.8 to beat him with Greg Ward and Justin Tucker still left to go on MNF and today. Came up 0.55 short. Wentz missed Ward on three open throws. And the Ravens did their clown car routine before the half today. Plus they didn't let him try the 58 yarder later. And even that first TD had a crazy 3rd and 9 conversion by RG3 that could have easily led to a FG. Just one more XP would have done it. Now I'm combing the floor for a stat correction. 

But at least Diontae did his job with those drops. Yuk. 

Mostly just glad and thankful to move onto the finals for a number of these teams and to put week 12 to bed finally. ####tiest FF week that I can remember. Regardless of outcome(s).

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2 minutes ago, barackdhouse said:

Mostly just glad and thankful to move onto the finals for a number of these teams and to put week 12 to bed finally. ####tiest FF week that I can remember. Regardless of outcome(s).

Here's to better weeks, man.

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