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12 minutes ago, LoneWolf said:

Liking the HOU-CHI game this week, despite the low O/U. Chicago's D is banged up and I think it will hit the over.  Plus, Watson-WR stack allows for higher end RBs.  Running back with Montgomery and Robinson. Hoping I'm right. 

FWIW when I looked at 4for4s stack chart, the Watson- Wrs + Robinson was the one that was popping up at the top.  I did put in one of those and was able to fit in A.Jones, Kelce, etc.. 

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3 hours ago, LoneWolf said:

Looking good after the early games.  If only I started Trubisky over Watson (go figure).

Now for GB to bring the hammer to Detroit.:football:

Needed a bigger hammer lol.  Congrats to @FatNate.

The late games brought my winnings back down, but still doubled my money so all in all a good day.

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On 12/11/2020 at 11:58 AM, beer 30 said:

Or a sure fired way to get your ### kicked :lmao:

I guess it gets to how you work into your LU. I assume we all start with a couple of targeted players we have to have. Then we move to complementary players that fit a price range and finally, fillers (Def/TE) with whatever you have left in the purse. The Flex position is usually one of those fillers for me because I focus too much salary on the "want to have" player groups. Running 3 solid RB's makes a lot of sense. I might go back and do a few LU's based around that to see how they compare :thumbup:

This proved to be a sure way to get your ### kicked just for the record.

Two lineups with WR in flex didn’t break 100. Three lineups with RB at flex, 2 of 3 in the money. I know it seems obvious but in case there was any doubt, there shouldn’t be any longer :D

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