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Official Game Thread***Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills -2.5 (49.5)***

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2 minutes ago, GroveDiesel said:

That was a huge missed opportunity. Wonder if Allen is concerned about the wind. Last year he threw his deep balls way too flat and gave his receivers no chance to run under them. He did much better lofting then this year. His two deep balls tonight were much more on lines like last year.

ETA: or or could just look that way. If the Ravens kicking is an indication, the wind has really kicked up in that direction. Wind could have been taking those balls and sailing them. Let’s see how things look going against the wind now.

Wind on that pass.

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Nice job by Ravens there. They’re giving Buffalo looks that the Bills definitely aren’t expecting and are confusing Allen a bit post snap. In years past that would have been disaster with Allen, this year he’s smart enough to not panic and melt down.

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8 minutes ago, GroveDiesel said:

I’ve called Edmunds out over and over this year, but his ability to track Jackson sideline to sideline is huge.

The zone seems to have him bottled up right now. Got him super indecisive on non-designed run plays / broken pass plays.

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1 minute ago, ConstruxBoy said:

Singletary just not good enough. 

A case where they tiny unathletic RB didn't pan out 

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If Dobber can catch the ball and make plays in space, the Ravens might get somewhere.


Also that is an overlooked reason a fast QB is helpful. Can turn a disaster into a nothing just being fast.

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Well this is interesting... Lamar definitely taking a page out of Russell's book, had open field but intentionally stayed behind the line to try and take advantage of the Bills zone.


And now a terrible snap.

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Just now, The_Man said:

Any Ravens pass rush tonight?

I wonder if the Bills talking so much about how they knew Baltimore would blitz often caused the Ravens to try to fool Allen by not blitzing much? Also, Dawkins is a great LT and has been locking that side down.

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