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1 hour ago, Stinkin Ref said:

:lmao:....no respect for the staffer...MFL don't like all the rookies and don't understand the 2 PPR TE 

Where do you get these ratings?

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Given ref's success, you should be thankful he's keeping Duds from you.

Let's see...can I make an entire roster of guys named DeAndre?

Team rzrback77 QB - Deferred this position and it shows. Cousins drafted as QB15 at 7.01 and Darnold as QB30 at 11.01, If I chose correctly, then it could wind up being somewhere between QB8 and

QB. Burrow, Goff, Fields

i think QB is very important but hate to put big resources in as usually sets you back. Burrow looked great last year and I expect Cincy to build around. Any of the other vets like Stafford maybe safer but not as high of ceiling. I will own Goff everywhere. I think has talent and now they will build around his strengths over him fitting coach. I can see top 10 season. Fields should start by mid season at least. Only bad landing spot might be Atlanta but high rookie QBs seem to play. If I last that long might make difference. I drafted 3 last year and had zero in week 17 championship. And lost. Drew Lock was guy I pegged but he went the round I predrafted in front. I had Zach Wilson predrafted in his round also

RB. Etienne, Michel, White, Carter, Kerryon. 
Someone mentioned having worse group but take a look here. Hoping on 2 rookies, a guy who gets injured all the time a has not looked that good and RB in dog house. But I have draft capital. Here’s hoping Sony plays like last few games of season, Kerryon moves on and shows his talent again. White and Carter do well at receiving or this is going to be a hot mess

WR. Diggs, Hill, Samuel, Reagor, Washington, Reynolds

While my RB suck, this group is a strength. Very solid top 2 with Samuel and Washington being perfect best ball guys as both produce big games. I expect Reagor to step up nicely in year 2. Reynolds thinking FA with new starting gig but might be bad pick. Wish I had dove into PK there but sometimes predraft Int can hurt you. This should have been Buetker

TE. Fant, Hooper

Solid pair for 2 PPR. Even though wish took Irv Smith over Hooper, will hopefully keep me alive till the teams with huge stud disappear on bye week. 

PK. Crosby, Gonzalez D. Raiders, Jets. 
funny. I wanted PK that will have jobs and Zane cut even though word is will be back. Wish I had taken PK round earlier. Did not want 1 or zero like OM probably has. D. Picking 15th, I was pretty sure I would get 2. They are so inconsistent as change happens. I think Raiders prioritize D and the Jets have tons of cap room to improve. 

looks better doing this than I thought. How my RB crew does is the key as solid everywhere else. 

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8 hours ago, Shadowfax said:

Go to draft and near the top is a "recap" link. 

Everybody's best pick, except :lmao:@Stinkin Ref was a QB. 

OZ- has the honor of making the best pick of the entire draft, selecting Patrick Mahomes in round 2 with the 22nd pick of the draft, 20 spots after the 2nd spot he should have been selected in, according to ADP rankings. "He's a future Hall-of-Famer," -OZ- coach OZ said.


-OZ- made their worst pick of the draft in round 7, selecting DeVonta Smith with the 107th pick of the draft, as compared to the 320th spot he should have been selected in, according to ADP rankings. "I know some are thinking that he will be this year's Ryan Leaf," -OZ- coach OZ said. 

:oldunsure: apparently all rookies are ranked 320 (last pick of the draft) 🤷🏽‍♂️

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1.12 Nick Chubb. Thought I would be selecting a WR/TE here.    Love it!  Planning for a WR next.

2.05 Calvin Ridley.   Two here I like. Coin flip with Metcalf.  Did I win?   Another WR next unless Dobbis is there.

3.12 Robert Woods.   Consistent with Goff.   With Stafford?  Upside?   TE next?  Hockenson, Goedert or Fant?

4..05 TJ Hockenson.     Got my first choice.With Goff?   QB next?

5.12 Raheem Mostert.   Run on QB’s left me with nothing I like.  Time to take some chances.   Old guy who I think still has some tread left.  Hoping Rodger or Stafford make it back to me. 

6.05 Matt Ryan.    One pick away with Bass taking a second QB!.    Gotta grab one.Stacked Ryan with Ridley.   RB next?  R. Jones, Drake,  Dillon?

7.12 Miles Gaskin.    Dillon was there but I decided to go for broke.   99% chance Dolphins get a RB.    “So your telling me there is a chance”.   Still gambling.   Huge payoff in PPR if they don’t add top RB talent.    Next target Trevon Lawrence.

8.05 Jalen Hurts. Lawrence gone!    Need some upside.   Legs could get me some weekley scores.   What can he do with a real off/pre season this year.    BPA next

9.12 Zack Moss.   What can he do with a real off/pre season this year.   The Bills have said they want to improve their run game, but I don’t believe that means adding a RB.

10.05 Gabriel Davis.    Reached for a guy I want.  What can he do with a real off/pre season this year.    Slides into the no.2 on team with a great offense, if Brown is cut. 

11.12 Breshard Perriman.    Were will this burner land?  When will he live up to his potential?

12.05 Dalton Schutz.    Been studying the TE position for my Bills.  This guy stepped up huge after Jarwin went down.    They are quite similar,  do the Cowboys save the 3.5 mill and cut Jarwin?   WR next

13.12   Dan Arnold.   Got caught up in my TE research.  Free agent that had is best year in 2020.    Will he will get paid for that and will he be force feed?  IMO yes.   Patriots please.

14.05 Greg Ward.   Just tendered by Philly as ERFA.   Could be the no.2 for a Hurts stack.  Likely no.3.  Better grab a defense

15.12 Seahawks.   Got better at the end of the season.  

16.05 N’Keal Harry.    Third year breakout?   Or a bust?

17.12 Joshua Kelly.   Eckler proved he can’t handle the full load.   Again,  you gotta wonder what a regular off season might do for this guy.    Or at least I do. 

18.05 Bronco’s   Second one!

19.12 Dan Bailey   I’ll take one.   Watch him get cut!

20.05 Devin Duvernay.    You out to know by now…...that I am wondering what a real off season might do for a guy like this. 

Thanks and good luck to all!

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