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2011 Survivor Leagues (MBSL, etc.)

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Not really a surprise that all the teams that drafted Graham or Megatron are still alive. Denarius Moore and David Nelson haven't lost a team yet either, a little more luck based there. Forte and Benson (?) are 13/13 still as well.

Biggest anchor isn't Peyton (4/13 still alive) or Colston (4/13) or Gates (5/13). Ingram has just 3 teams alive.

The Tues Morning news about Palmer is good news for 7/12 teams that drafted him this year and are still going.

As for this week, movement was small, but it still resulted in a number of teams changing their status after Mon Nite. Mainly because scores were generally so tight


ArhnCityPahnder (Out by less than a point)


Jeff Tefertiller (A couple people saved themselves to put down Jeff. Immunity has to be referenced as Rudy held it, but TWO people missed by .55 or less)

BassNBrew (Another immunity claimed by less than half a point.)

Shadowmaster (Another out thanx to 2 teams improving via MNF)


GetintheMix (Bass loses a couple this week, but manages to survive here thanx to MNF)


Fiddles (My immunity here means I've gotten one with each of my 4 teams this year.)

BicycleSeatSniffer (Fro gets immunity with only 128.65, which is only 26 pts above BSS, who goes out this week with the highest score of the bootees)

Jeff Pasquino (All the other three WSL bootees got passed thanx to MNF)



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No kicker and I'm still alive heading into week 7 :lol:

I am screwed this week, no QB and my Locker ticket did not come thru.

I also am surprised to still be around in WSL3 w/ no kicker... the difference being that I actually drafted 2 of them. But pretty sure if I make it through this week, that I won't make it thru week 8 with no QB or Kicker

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Was hoping that Marshall + Keller would score enough last night to bring me through...don't think they quite made it.

Was dead in the water with only 2 WR scores counting for me (0 for Cotchery, Armstrong, and Lloyd). Sucks, because I think that things are REALLY good for Lloyd in the upcoming weeks with St. Louis.

I needed ~34 points between the 2 last night, and only got 25...

Oh well, good luck to all, and not horrible for my first attempt! :)

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Pretty sure my WSL1, Peyton Manning/Fyan Fitzpatrick team will get booted this week - doesn't help that after the byes came out three of five RB are on vacation this week....true only McCoy of the three is worth a dang, but....

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Is this a fork in my SSL 4 team I see before me? One team remaining. I love this concept and hope to play next year.



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