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Mr. Irrelevant

New SL idea? ISSL (In-Season Survivor League)

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Here's an idea that literally just popped into my head as I was sitting around pondering the smoldering wreckage of my fantasy teams:

What if we drafted an FBG survivor league *during* the NFL season?

Instead of a 16-team league beginning Week 1, the ISSL would be a 12-team league beginning Week 5 ... from which point the usual survivor league rules apply. The draft would be a blitzkrieg affair on a 2-hour clock beginning the Tuesday after the Week 4 games at 8am - which, with 12 teams, means it should be done well ahead of the Week 5 contests. (Yes, the Thursday night game would happen in the interim, but whatever.)

Having never tried an in-season draft before, I don't even know whether MFL even supports such an endeavor - but, if nothing else, it would certainly be intriguing to see how four short weeks has changed our collective opinion on who should be (or should have been) drafted where.

So who'd be in?

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