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16 hours ago, joey said:

Looks like 4th overall pick for us. And no better than the 25th and 28th picks according one article I just read. The raiders better take BPA ably every damn pick in the first 3 rounds this year  we have so many holes to fill 


Not many glimmers of hope this season either. 

We definitely won't get Bosa, but perhaps we'll have a shot at Houston DT Ed Oliver.   I know that the kid had the blow-up on the sideline, but he is an absolute monster.    Not just a run stopper, but collapses the pocket from the interior.   

I'm still seething from the Mack trade too, but it is what it is.   I want best player available with the later two first rounders; Goodness knows that we have a ton of needs.    I"m really concerned with how much Derek Carr has regressed.   

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So I’m participating in the Shark Pool mock as the Raiders. Here were my picks. What do you guys think?

1.04 Raiders- Clelin Ferrell, DE Clemson 

Evan Silva tweeted that the Raiders had only 13 sacks this season- 17 less than the next lowest team. Raiders also had the fewest QB hits- 24 less than the next lowest team. 

A team can’t win if they can’t generate any pass rush. The Raiders defensive tackles show promise but the DE needs an upgrade and I think Ferrell is a perfect 4-3 DE. He might not be the best pass rusher in the draft but he can pass rush. He also can stop the run and is ready to start now based on how well he played against the best competition over his college career

1.24 Raiders- Byron Murphy CB Washington

The Raiders need another corner to play across from Conley and from what I’ve read Murphy has the best tape of any corner. He doesn’t have the size of Greedy and there are some concerns about speed but he plays hard and is very sticky. Now if he blows the combine this will look like a bad pick but getting a high end DE and CB sounds like a great start for the Raiders as I’m trying to invest in the most valuable  positions for a team with holes everywhere. If he fails at outside, he can likely become a high end slot CB which is really valuable in today’s NFL.

1.27 Raiders- Brian Burns Edge FSU

As I noted with my first pick, there wasn't a team worse at anything than the Raiders were at rushing the passer. We added Clelin on one edge and Murphy to cover (buy the rushers more time) and now we add what some think is the best pure pass rusher in the class. He isn't a perfect fit for a 4-3 but I think the Raiders DC likes to switch up alignments a bit. He may be a situational pass rusher untill he adds more weight but the value of a great pass rusher is only behind the value of QB or LT. The goal of the draft was to create a pass rush and adding a 21 year old  power 5 conference guy wth 38.5 TFL and 23 sacks over 33 games is hopefiully going to do that

2.3 Raiders- Noah Fant TE Iowa

Missing Harry by one spot is a bummer as he’s my top WR and the Raiders have to get Carr (or whoever replaces him in 2020) some help in the passing game. Fant is a special athlete with rare speed and leaping ability for a man of his size. I think having a dangerous TE is really important to a successful modern NFL offense

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No argument the Raiders need pass rush help. That is the consequences of trading a generational player at DE. :hot:

How the staff views their current DBs is hard to judge. I thought Melvin and Conley were one of the few highlights on the defense. They kept getting better as the season progressed. IIRC they were among the league leaders in fewest fantasy points allowed to WRs. I saw the same improvement out of Joseph. How the draft unfolds will tells us how the staff feels about this group. Personally I think the front 7 should be the priority on defense unless some serious value falls.

The team also needs a big infusion of talent on offense. WR-RB-TE in no particular order are dire needs. Getting a field stretching WR is a must. There is a big need at TE as well. Cook is an FA and even if they bring him back he is getting long in the tooth and I doubt he comes anywhere close to last season's production. 

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