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    $300 Redraft Tuesday August 21st 9 pm Eastern

    Was wondering if you received my info.
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    $300 Redraft Tuesday August 21st 9 pm Eastern

    I am interested in joining if you get it going.
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    Most Favorite/Most Hated Announcer

    Favorite - Ernie Harwell Hate - Hawk Harrelson
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    Real College Bowl Pick'em- $50 entry

    My vote is for 2.
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    Real College Bowl Pick'em- $50 entry

    Im in money sent... You should check out to run this. I use it to run several pools for work. It is easy to use and can be set up real quick. You can set it up to use the points spread or no spread along with the confidance points. It is a free site no charge to use.
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    Quest site or Fuzzys Fantasy football site

    Was wondering if anybody as ever used Quest fantasy football or Fuzzy's fantasy football web site. I am looking at maybe joining one of these sites for there higher end leagues. I like the payouts on there leagues. Does anybody have any opinion's on these sites good or bad. Thanks
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    Who needs what in your Superbowl?

    Big money league. $6500.00 to first $2500. to second. I am down by 7.1 he is done. I have Keading left. (or Elam if I want I have both kickers.) But i am going to roll with keading I think. I am hoping for 2 field goals 36 yards or over.
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    ford field question.

    Thanks for the input all. Let me ask you would you pay $165.00 for club seating or pay 130.00 to 175.00 for lower level seating. The tickets are for the denver game and the only place i can find tickets around 50 yard line on Lions side is Stub hub. Thanks for all the input.
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    ford field question.

    I was wondering if anyone here that has been to ford field has ever sat in ths club seats. I have not been there and would like to know if they liked those seats or not. I have a chance to buy 2 club seat tickets in section 207 row 2 which is on the 50 yard line. I am taking my 7 year old son...
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    F. Gore - R. Brown - C. Taylor

    I am looking to trade Roy Williams for one of these backs. Which one would you rather have and why? F. Gore-C. Taylor - R. Brown