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    Borland Retires

    This trend is changing things for football period.
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    Falcons at Ravens - Weather Alert

    bump up forsett?
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    Indianapolis at Jacksonville

    swimming pools at the stadium??
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    Sunday Morning Questions for Bloom

    PPR- need to pick one of Forsett /DJax / Niles Paul
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    Colts OLB Robert Mathis out for season

    If Indy were to not win the division it's because of the O-line. Mathis does hurt and will not be replaceable with what's currently on the roster.
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    Is it time to pick up Kevin Minter?

    Any new updates/word on Minter? Any locals with input?
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    Miami at Tampa Bay

    Where the heck is Wake?
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    Denver at Indianapolis

    Someone rewind to 5:00 left in the 3rd and look at the BS Vickerson does to Satele and say he didn't deserve the personal foul on Luck. If Suh gets slapped with these fines I hope the league catches this garbage and fines Vickerson as well
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    Denver at Indianapolis

    Serious BS by Vickerson basically punch Satele in the knee on the PAT
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    9yr old girl football sensation

    Great foot frequency!
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    The Apple iPhone Thread

    Has anyone installed this and can confirm it is what it says it is? I'd like it, but can wait a week if I'm going to risk screwing my phone up. Work phone at that.
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    Colts vs. Texans

    So frustrating as a Colts fan. Bad enough to have this kind of season, but it's typical of this franchise. With a chance to go undefeated they sit players and give that away, then after a horrible season they win meaningless games likely taking away a top pick that they could use for filling...
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    Peyton Manning neck injury

    Interesting tweets from Irsay
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    RFA prices

    Must be an interesting league...
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    Pats Had a New Deal with Logan Mankins

    Colts need to swoop in and sign him, they're in desperate need of an O line.