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    ***OFFICIAL*** Titans @ Steelers Game Thread

    It's really cool of NBC to let the lead singer of Black Eyed Peas coach the Steelers!
  2. raor

    Auction Draft online

    I did an auction through - Phenoms ran the league (online league), but everything was hosted on MFL. I couldn't have asked for a better system in all honesty. Ours was a slow auction though, not sure if there is live auction capability on MFL.
  3. raor

    Scumbags in the NFL

  4. raor

    Which NYJ WR gets Asomugha this week?

    Not to thread-jack, but I would've commented on the original post had I noticed it. I think this stat is a glaring absence from many considerations of WR performance week-to-week. Depending on the opponent, there can be considerations for facing a shutdown corner (Al Harris / Asomugha / etc)...
  5. raor

    Joseph Addai Not Expected To Play This Week

    He looked very good at times, specifically on one 35-yard play where he broke 4 tackles. I would say he look as good as Addai at worst, and possibly significantly more explosive than Addai at best (this was Baltimore after all). Keep in mind, 10 carries came after the Colts were up 31-0 and...
  6. raor

    Tom Brady Injury Thread

  7. raor

    Tom Brady Injury Thread

    CBS sportsline says Brady to Moss on last play as well...
  8. raor

    Colts Offensive Line Woes

    Stampede Blue - good Colts blog"The Indianapolis Colts love what TE Dallas Clark brings to the table in the passing game. They've been pleasantly surprised this summer by what former practice squad player Gijon Robinson has brought to the table in the running game. "He's is the best blocking...
  9. raor

    Manning updates? Lotta rumors swirling

    "Before I rush off, here's one other thing for curious minds. When Manning was asked a direct question today about if he ever had a second surgery, he didn't deny it." From below link (Indystar NFL blog): Bounce it off Philb
  10. raor

    Colts Offensive Line Woes

    "I wish the same could be said for other guys. The Colts aren't certain about center Jeff Saturday, but it sounds like he's going to miss the season opener and could be gone for an extensive amount of time. Any time Dungy suggests an injury could be "major," as he did today, I fear the worst...
  11. raor

    OFFICIAL Team Cuts Thread

    Indianapolis Colts: cut: RB Clifton Dawson, LB Marcus Richardson, P/K Adam Crossett IR: CB TJ Rushing(#1 punt and kick returner), TE Zac Herold
  12. raor

    Manning updates? Lotta rumors swirling

    Collection info regarding this whole situation:-Mike Lombardi's original post- (summary: Colts hiding the fact that Manning had a 2nd surgery and continues to have recovery delays) responding-...
  13. raor

    Manning updates? Lotta rumors swirling

    From "Bounce it off Phil B." (Indystar) -- generally very reliabe, one of the better "mainstream" (not blogs / fans /etc) sources for insider info on the Colts: "What sticks in my mind was the on-field chat we had with Colts owner Jim Irsay. "It'll be close for Peyton," Irsay said. Hmmm. He...
  14. raor

    Auction Redraft $80, 100% payouts, no playoffs

    email sent ... in case you don't receive please contact me at -thanks!
  15. raor

    Looking for Indianapolis area league

    Looking for a league in the Indianapolis area, hopefully something with a live (in-person) draft. I'd prefer redraft, but would consider dynasty. Send me an email with details if you have openings, thanks! -Gabe