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  1. RockHard

    Another Commish(OFFICIALLY) has gone Awol

    :thumbup: I can personally vouch for fsufan, he paid me my winnings promptly after the Super Bowl.
  2. RockHard

    Another Commish(OFFICIALLY) has gone Awol

    :thumbup: Add me to the list of people owed money who participated in leagues with Wahoos. Below is the last correspondence I had with him regarding my winnings: [/SPOILER]To: Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2010 4:09 PMSubject: Bad ### Dynasty> Frank,> > It appears that I have won the...
  3. RockHard

    Lou Holtz has lost his mind!

    What did he say?
  4. RockHard

    Del Rio press conference postponed

    Can you name another coach who has won 1 playoff game in 8 years and retained his job.
  5. RockHard

    Is Crabtree overrated in dynasty circles?

    Crabtree doesn't have the same mentality as Nicks. Nicks seems the relish contact, watch how he played against Charles Woodson last week. Crabtree's game isnt predicated on being more physical than his opponent. Nicks "plays" bigger than his size.
  6. RockHard

    Jack Del Rio staying in Jacksonville as coach

    JDR has had 8 years to coach the Jaguars, during that time he as won a grand total of 0 division championships and 1 playoff game. I would love to see Coughlin back.
  7. RockHard

    Six years ago tonight...

    Week 14 2008, 67.2 point lead, he had two players playing on MNF. Deangelo Williams (32.2) 186 Rushing yards 2TDs, 1 reception for 6 yards. Antonio Bryant (41.0) 9 catches 200 yards 2TDs Game over.
  8. RockHard

    David Garrard:

  9. RockHard

    Redskins trying to trade Devin Thomas

    :goodposting: Brandon Banks was on the active roster all of a couple of days, yet Shanahan managed to feature him on two plays: a sweep & a WR screen. While Thomas has only played one offensive snap. The earliest camp reports I remember seeing always had him behind Armstrong, Williams, etc...
  10. RockHard

    *** Official 2010 Jacksonville Jaguars Thread ***

    This is ridiculous, Bouman hasn't thrown a pass in an NFL game since 2005.
  11. RockHard

    San Diego Chargers Blacked Out

    :rolleyes:I guess if they were playing the Jets and their high powered offense it would have been a sellout.
  12. RockHard

    Jarrett Dillard placed on injured reserve

    We dont need him we just signed John Matthews, plus its not like MSW is injury prone. :lmao: